Wednesday, October 08, 2008

R.I.P. The Riches

"Word came down. That word is cancelled," blogs Todd Stashwick, aka Dale from The Riches. Though I kind of doubt that it's really him. I mean, his blog is on MySpace. Still, he's not wrong - The Riches have been run out of town.

I have previously blogged about this critically-acclaimed drama. The beauty of The Riches was that it was something new, a story of innocence lost that was at once darkly funny and uncomfortably real. Sure, the second season floundered a bit, IMHO, perhaps due to the WGA strike. But there was so much potential! I was looking forward to the show's (and the Malloy family's) eventual redemption.

America didn't agree. I complain about how formulaic TV has become, but really we bring it upon ourselves. If we continue to ignore any show that seems "weird," we will be condemned to watch the same premises/plots/characters being recycled over and over again. We are creating an environment where creativity is punished. And that makes me sad.

You know who I'll really miss? Sam Malloy. That kid was one of the most original characters on television today.

Oh, little cross-dresser. We hardly knew ye.

Thanks, Maggie Cats, for the heads-up!

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