Sunday, September 16, 2007

You've probably noticed we haven't updated in this blog in awhile. And by awhile I mean eons. Civilizations have risen and fallen since we have updated. Let me tell you why.

Once upon a time there were two friends named Maggie and Caroline. Maggie was awesome and Caroline was just all right. They got addicted to television and started a kickass blog that their hero Jacob even posted on (!!!!!). Then, Caroline got a job that sucked out her soul and left her a lifeless shell. And THEN she met this totally awesome dude who took away what little time she had for tv watching. And so Caroline never updated the blog. Maggie responsed by reminding and cajoling. When that didn't work, she engaged in a silent cold war with Caroline to see who would update the blog first. It was a silent cold war because Caroline didn't know it was going on. So then nobody updated anything. But then! Maggie's friend was like, "Ho, why don't you update your tv blog?" And Maggie was all, "Because." So Selvi volunteered to post on the blog with Maggie! So meet your new poster, Selvi Sri. Maybe we can shame Caroline into watching some television again.