Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obsession with Brothers & Sisters

Ok, I will admit I watch Brothers & Sisters. Not only that but I adore this show. I got into it last year while watching the online episodes and it keeps getting better and better. First of all, how can you not identify with a cracked out, loud, obnoxious family. Everyone is part of one. This season has been great. We have started off right where last season left off. I still love Nora Walker. Sally Field feels like your mom in this show. I get annoyed at my mom when Nora does something awful. Nora's really seems to have grown this season.

For those familiar with her character, despite her blowout in the Adoption Agent scene she has been subdued, especially with Justin.

Justin. That leads to my biggest ISSUE with this season. For those of you who don't watch the show and are thinking you might, this should sell you. Last season, everyone thought Rebecca was their sister. One extra to the Walker clan. turns out she isn' Justin (who used to be her brother) and her start dating. This wigs me out. A lot. Its "icky." But the actor and actress are attractive so they make a cute couple.

Sorry it's ICKY

Kevin. HOW MANY TIME WILL KEVIN WRESTLE WITH HIS SEXUALITY. Kevin is gay and last season he married Scotty, my favorite non-walker by far. In the past episode Kevin's law firm makes him pretend he is straight and Kevin has to decide what is more important. Blah...Kitty. Coliste Flockhart, despite annoying me in a plethora of other shows and slightly agitating me in the past, is showing warmth and compassion this season where I never thought possible. Despite her still TINY appearance she fills her scene with the desire of a mother who wants children but can't have them. Since this just occurred in my family (welcome baby Eva! from your cousin) I am appreciative they are spotlighting the family's situation. And Rob Lowe, though older, is still as hot as he was in St. Elmo's.So tune in....I think this season will only get better. I am aware I write about the characters like they are real people.....but once again I have an OBSESSION WITH Brother & Sisters. Its a definite You should be watching! Sundays at 9 (or on the Abc Player)


Monkey Sri said...

When two people are not biologically related, but are socialized to treat each other as siblings, it is *definitely* squicky for them to date. Is there such a thing as social incest?

Maggie Cats said...

Rob Lowe! I have been kicking around the idea of watching this show, especially if Sam Seaborn is on it. :o)