Thursday, October 16, 2008

Project Runway Season 5 Finale

It's hard to remember when there was ever a Project Runway season-ender where all three finalists put on such good shows. It seems that in seasons past, there has always been at least one person you could say, "well, there's no way THEY are going to win with those rags." I don't think you could say that this time though.

Granted, I figured Kenley was out of the running, but not because of her clothes. I was pretty sure the judges were not going to reward someone who for the past few months had demonstrated a bratty attitude. And as soon as you sass Tim Gunn, it's over. But you have to admit, Kenley had some beautiful, whimsical, stylish pieces. Unfortunately, they also seemed to resemble other more notable designers recent collections. While Kenley swears that she is not aware of what other designers do, this either makes her seem like a liar or hopelessly disconnected from the industry she wants to become a part of. I'm also not a huge fan of her use of 80s silhouettes, but that's a matter of personal taste.

I personally preferred Korto’s collection, with her amazing use of color, texture, and shape. But I can see and understand why the judge’s went with Leanne. I thought her collection was beautiful and soft and I agree that it was “effortlessly cohesive,” but I also agree with Nina’s concerns that it was too one-note, and frankly, I found it a bit boring. I also thought that her use of only white, gray, and blue was kinda dull. Korto to me had everything that a collection should, and her green halter jeweled dress was gorgeous!

I want to wrap myself up in this dress and stay in bed with it for all time. Absolutely stunning. It says everything that Korto wanted to say about her ethnicity without becoming a costume. It's also just a really stylish, beautiful garment.
I can see Kenley’s inspiration in her collection (painting the roses red from Alice in Wonderland), but it was too much of a caricature for me, and I thought the clothes looked stiff. I also think she’s a big copy-cat, whiny, and a brat.

In any event, the status of winner went to Leanne who has constantly impressed me through the entire competition by remaining true to her aesthetic, but also working well within the constraints of the various challenges. Congrats, Leanne!

Interesting, organic, light, and soft...that's our Leanna!
Regarding the issue of Tim as a judge: on one hand I thought he was great, but on the other I think it kind of compromised his ability to act as a mentor, although according to him he wasn’t tapped until the last minute, so it didn’t influence his interactions with the designers. And it’s Tim, and he can do no wrong in my book. And Bravo was kind of left in the lurch by JLo and her “foot injury.” WTF is THAT about?

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Monkey Sri said...

A "foot injury" does sound awfully suspicious... The only thing I can imagine is that she broke it off in someone's ass. Oh, as the kids say, snap.