Thursday, August 31, 2006

Why I Hate Jeffrey

Jeffrey from Project Runway is the worst kind of person. He is deeply insecure, and to compensate for his own insecurity, he focuses on manipulating the insecurities of others. But I am loathe to use the word “manipulate” because that implies Jeffrey has the intelligence to plan and scheme against his fellow designers. In reality, Jeffrey is a spoiled little kid who bullies those he perceives as weaker than him. His behavior during the workroom portions of the challenge made me want to vomit; the way he continued to berate Angela about her mother, his cockiness in the preparation of his garment; just his general demeanor is so immature and babyish. I just kept coming back to what I would do if he had talked to my mother that way and continued to behave in that fashion. I have a feeling I would be kicked off the show for becoming physicaly violent, but if you’re going to get kicked off a reality show, I feel like defending your Mom is one of the classier ways to exit. And it certainly didn’t help matters that Angela is so freakin passive-aggressive that she is incapable of standing up to Jeffrey. I feel that if she had, he would have backed down immediately, because at the end of the day, Jeffrey is a big fat coward.


I wish he hadn’t won. Michael’s outfit with the seer sucker pants (LOVE IT) was so awesome. But I kind of see why Jeffrey deserved to win, which just pisses me off more. Dammit.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Muppets. In. SPAAAAACE!

Let me begin my relating how I first discovered Farscape: it was sophomore year of college, and my and best bud Dennis (the gay, trendy, raver Asian) and I were chilling in his room getting drunk on Arbor Mist Strawberry Zinfandel wine. It was about 2 in the morning and we were flipping through the channels. We came across some show with muppets and a really hot guy (i.e. Ben Browder). We looked at each other and said, “Dude. That guy is really hot,” and we watched the show. From then on whenever I found myself drunk at 2 in the morning in front of a television, I looked for Farscape.

This resulted in my viewing Farscape in a very piecemeal fashion. I knew who the characters were, but not really their names. I knew the ship was alive and had a baby ship that turned out to be a trigger happy bastard, and I knew the hot guy and the chick with the incredible black hair had all that UST (unresolved sexual tension) going on. So when I befriended the other sci-fi nut at my office (what’s up, Dorilyn?) and learned that she had all the seasons on DVD, I took advantage of her, er, I mean asked her politely, to lend them to me.

Fast forward one month later, and I have watched the first three seasons and the first couple episodes of the fourth. I really wanted to love this show, since everyone I know who has watched it loves it, and it has, in its fashion, become addictive like crack. But…I don’t love it. I really really like it, and Ben Browder is still totally hott, but I don’t think it’s the best show ever or anything. I think I can’t become obsessed with it because it’s so fucked up. Seriously y’all. Just about one point in every episode makes me sit up on my couch and say “WHAT. THE. FUCK.” And that is kind of surprising, I thought I had become really jaded about tv, but this show is just…trippy.

Now, the best thing about the show. Muppets, duh. Seriously, muppets in space is like the best thing ever. I think my favorite character is Rygel. You can always count on him to do what’s best for him, to fart helium when the going gets rough, and to eat a lot. Oh! Pilot is awesome. I love it when he growls deep in his throat because someone pisses him off, he is so passive aggressive. Except for when he wigs and tries to kill people. I should also mention that I spent a good two years trying to figure out if Pilot was a girl or boy when I first watched the show. But Pilot is very much a dude. Also, I am so happy the John and Aeryn acknowledged their feelings for one another within the first season and didn’t drag it out over 10 years or so like other shows. And this show brings angst like none other.

So if you haven’t picked up Farscape, check it out. It’s awesome! I’m not sure I’ll invest in all the dvds or even do an entire series reviewing, but a lot of episodes are definitely worth watching more than once and there are moments of such hilarity that…it defies explanation. Ben Browder is an amazing actor, I think he’s been overlooked for a really long time. In fact, Farscape is the perfect example of a show that rises above its concept and writing because of the incredible cast.