Thursday, October 30, 2008

Zack and Miri make an Excellent Movie

Though this is primarily a TV Blog, last night I got to attend a sneak preview of Zack and Miri Make a Porno. This movie initially caught a buzz due to its original NC-17 rating and the "come back" of the beloved Kevin Smith. Personally I really adored the movie. Below I will not include any spoilers, but I will share my opinion.First of all, and I feel most importantly, the script was great. It was literally a combination of the witty banter we have seen from Seth Rogan in Superbad and Knocked Up combined with the brilliant Kevin Smith dialogue reminiscent of Clerks (the first one). The dialogue was witty and you were constantly laughing. Elizabeth Banks held her own as well. I was concerned at first that opposite Seth Rogan for an entire movie she would get out acted and out laughed, but it wasn't the case at all. Her character was entertaining and well rounded. I was impressed.

On top of it the cast was brilliant. My husband and I debated if the cast was a more Kevin Smith clan or a more Seth Rogan crew. To be honest it was a nice combination of both. We had Jason Mewes and Jeff Anderson from the Kevin Smith world (Jay and Randall), as well as, a nice bit part for Kevin's wife (who I still find REPULISVE). In addition, Seth brought in Justin Long (as a Gay porn star..a step up from a MAC), the Indian gentleman from 40 year old virgin and Craig Robinson. The motley crew worked really well together, of course with porn stars Katie Morgan and Tracy Lourdes mixed in.
((From Left to Right) Jason Mewes, Ricky Mabe, Jeff Anderson, Tracy Lourdes, Craig Robinsn, Katie Morgan

The plot was good. The idea of broke roommates breaking down and making porn was great. The romance story behind it was slightly obvious and you felt at moments the scenes were dragging. The story was very suggestive of Chasing Amy and the chemistry between the actors was definetly there. And for the die hard Kevin fan there was a nice tribute to Star Wars and Superman built into it.

I highly recommend this movie!!! (even though Jeff Anderson did not do the Randall).

To bring it back to the television genre (and related note) Entertainment Weekly had a really good "where are they now" for Freaks and Geeks....oh the early Seth Rogan years. Check it out!

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dobber said...

I still think the movie could have done without the Jason Mewes cock. Although the Dutch Rudder was quite funny.