Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Television of the Future

Whether we all would like to admit it our or not the television of the future is not a giant flat screen 1080p Elite is what I am currently typing on...a pc (or mac/ laptop/ whatever you prefer). Much like maggie cats I was just out of town for two weeks. Unfortunately, the impossible happened. My modem failed and Tivo was unable to download the lineups while I was gone. Therefore the little "Now Playing" was a whopping blank. I hope you can imagine the wave of sadness that washed over me.

So, I decided to turn to the internet (its not just for porn). I managed to catch up on all my shows using the Fox, Abc,and Nbc players. I decided to go with the network players so I didn't feel like I was "stealing" and thereby hurting my favorite TV shows. In two days I was able to sample the wide variety and styling of the Network Players and come to a conclusion of which is best.

ABC: The ABC Player is probably the best. First of all, I had the least amount of streaming errors. Occasionally the sounds gets off and the wrong person appears to be talking. But overall, I am a big fan. The downfalls are of course the commercials. However, the commercials are especially designed for ABC and they are interactive. You do not have to watch the entire commercial and it ends up being a few 15/30 second breaks. The other downside is the background picture. It appears to change based on the tv show. I am not sure why Brothers & Sisters invokes table and chairs. I give it four stars.

FOX: Fox's player is blah. It was constantly repeating sections and making me watch the same scenes over and over. If Tivo hadn't mucked up I would not suggest relying on it. I find House funny, but the same joke repeated 4 times is no longer funny. I can tell why people get annoyed with Hugh Laurie. The only plus was the lack of commercials. Fox needs to catch up! I give it two stars.

NBC: Nbc's player resembles ABC's. It is even possible they use the same technology. I noticed significant errors with compatibility with Firefox. In fact, as I was going to get the photo, it wasn't working. However, I do like this player. Like ABC the mini version is good for office viewing. The box can get a small as a quarter so you can watch an entire season of Chuck while you should be programming data. Not that I have ever done that. I give this player 3 stars.

I feel it is safe to rely on these players if you have no cable or no tivo. I would even suggets using the players over investing in DVDs..At the very least it is a lot cheaper.

Well, I hope my first post didn't bore you all to death. Once I am more caught up on televion, I swear I will throw my extensive television expertise in.


Maggie Cats said...

The cool thing about us both being out of town at the same time, is that it's where we met! Whitney and I were on the same cruise these past few weeks, and when I learned for her love of everything television (except the CW apparently), I put her to work! Welcome to TV Sluts, Whitney!

Maggie Cats said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I have found NBC's player to be the best. But it does seem very similar to ABC, as you said.

Whitney said...

I am biased because NBC's player wont play the latest episode of chuck tonight.....stupid nbc player

Monkey Sri said...

Whitney - great first post! I think the problem with the Fox player is that it *is* meant to show commercials, but somehow the commercials don't load. So it plays 30 seconds of the show instead, then "skips" and starts playing the show from the beginning of the segment. I haven't used the NBC player, but I agree that the ABC player is the gold standard.