Friday, October 10, 2008

Britney, Nathan, and a little Project Runway

I kept coming across items I wanted to blog about today, so what the hell, you are getting a smorgasbord post!

First up: Britney is doing a big fat 90 minute interview with MTV on November 30 to talk about why her brain decided to plop out of her head for a good two years. Say what you want about her, but girlfriend performs catchy songs. I still say Blackout was underrated, and aside from a few clunkers, is a great dance album. I'll be watching this interview, and hoping Ms. Spears can provide some explanation for her past weirdness. It does seem like she is getting her life back on track, so good for you, Brit Brit!

Secondly, if you need a Nathan Fillion fix (as I know you all do) check out James Gunn's PG Porn, where you get all the good stuff from porn except the sex! I know it sounds weird, but check it out, you'll like it.

Next up, David Tennant is getting good reviews for his bout as Hamlet, in which he used his natural Scottish brogue. *fans self*

Finally, some talk about Project Runway. There has been a lot of kvetching in the blogosphere about last week's "too close to call" runway show and the decision to have the designers come back this week to widdle them down to the top 3. Most people are seeing this as a big conspiracy to get Kenley in the tents at Bryant Park and eliminate Jerell.

I tend to agree with the queens over at Project Rungay (love them!) who basically tell people to shut it and remember it's also a reality show. The producers want the drama. They want the tears, the backstabbing, the heartache, it's all part of the ride, baby. So I don't really have a problem with it; it made the show more entertaining, upped the stakes, and look what happened--people are still talking about it. Mission accomplished. They did something really similar last year and people didn't complain this much. Plus, I always thought Jerell kind of sucked and never liked any of his designs.

Not that I'm rooting for Kenley. My big problem with her is that she never thanks people for compliments. When people say, "this is great," she either responds with, "I know, right?" or "yay!" Makes her seem ungrateful and arrogant if you ask me. And I'm sorry, you do not sass Tim Gunn. Some things are just NOT acceptable.

It's called saying "thank you," Kenley. Now quit with the immature "you like me, you really like me!" crap.

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Monkey Sri said...

I watched Nathan Fillion's PG Porn video, "Nailing Your Wife" ... died laughing. Though I'm a little scared to click any of the other links on that page, now.