Thursday, October 09, 2008

Did you miss me?

Hey, everyone! I'm back! And holy crap did I miss a lot of tv. Who would have guessed that going out of the country for three weeks during Fall Premiere time would cause such a back-up? Alright, maybe that's something I should have given more thought to before leaving, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that my DVR did not completely fill up in my absence. Of course, forgetting to tell it to record Heroes and Chuck might have also had something to do with it. That's why God has the networks put full episodes on their websites, right?

Anyway, since my return from vacation I have been trying to cram in as much tv watching as possible to catch up with y'all (and also posting my pics on Facebook and on my other blog). I've managed to get caught up with most shows (except for Sarah Connor, America's Next Top Model, Project Runway, Law and Order: SVU, Fringe, Mad Men, and 90210 which I think I am actually going to give up on). Alright, so maybe I am not as caught up as I thought.

Here are some quick initial impressions from the shows I have managed to catch up on:

Pushing Daisies: It has all the same quirky charm, and I still love Olive more than life itself (Pigby!!), but something seemed off to me with the premiere. I think the central murder mystery was a little convoluted and not that interesting, so it just didn't grab me as usual. Having said that, Emerson's stress-knitting and pop-up book making was so cute, and any scene with Olive and/or Aunt Vivian = love. Is it just me or is Aunt Lily seem kind....evil? I can't wait to see how the hints at Emerson's daughter and Ned's Dad pay off.

Heroes: I basically watched all three episodes of Heroes back to back online the second day I got back, which is really how it should be watched. The show is not well-served from long breaks. However, this also means I have difficulty distinguishing each episode from the other and remembering exactly what happened.

Things that I loved about last season I still love--anything with Sylar, Elle, Noah, or Mama Petrelli--but the things I didn't like then, I still don't like now. Meaning anything with Maya (seriously, she needs to die and stay dead), Mohinder being annoying, and Hiro's story being boring. The jumping into the past was boring last season, and while the jumping into the future is more interesting, I dunno, I'm just not as grabbed by the show I used to be.

I will give Heroes the biggest WTF moment so far though, for the revelation of Mama Petrelli also being Mama Sylar. Seriously. W.T.F. And Sylar's poking into Claire's brain and telling her that the idea of eating her brain was "disgusting" was one of the funniest and sickest things this show has ever done.

Hmm...actually as I sit here thinking about the show I keep coming up with more moments I really liked. Adam being awakened, having Sylar and Noah work together, seeing Weevil from Veronica Mars back on my maybe I am enjoying Heroes as a whole more than I thought. The initial revelation that it was FuturePeter that shot Nathan was stunning, and I am actually interested in Matt again, with the whole spirit journey and follow the turtle angle. So basically, if they would get rid of Maya/Mohinder and bring Hiro back with the other heroes, I will definitely be obsessed again.

Chuck: Ah, Chuck. I missed you and your brilliant title sequence. Sometimes it seems that the show is trying a little too hard (see how quirky we are?? See how cute we are?? Look at me Ma, LOOK AT ME!!), but I find it just really really enjoyable. All the elements in this show work, and I love the combination of action and funny. I wish I had a friend named Captain Awesome.

Supernatural: Wow, this show really came out of the gate roaring. Every episode has been stellar, and I was totally surprised by the "Dean gets right out of hell" angle. I thought for sure we would have to endure several episodes of Sam being all angsty and travelling around being ethically gray trying to find a way to bust out Dean.

But, no! The war is in full swing, and while I was a little worried about the whole Angel/God having a plan for Dean subplot, it's really working for me. And this last episode, that revealed Mary was a hunter and Skinner was Dean and Sam's grandfather was AH-MAZING. Bring it, Kripke, I can take it. Oh, and thanks for putting Dean back in the priest outfit.

Oh, Kripke, you know just what the fangirls want.

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