Friday, October 24, 2008

Must See TV?

So I started a new job this week. And while to very few people in this world, that really matters, the main thing is its starting to impact my TV watching. I'll be working early mornings and periodically overnights. While TiVo is the best thing that's happened for my TV viewing (when I get past the compatibility issues with the Dish in this household), it's made Must See TV both easier and more difficult. With TiVo I can record almost anything and when I get around to it I'll watch it. But it takes away the near sacredness of watching a show. Before I had to be around to watch it, now I don't even have to know when it starts or stops or what day its on.

At the beginning of each new TV season I load up my TiVo with the new shows I want to see. Last year it was Chuck, Life, Journeyman and Pushing Daisies (Eli Stone came later). PLUS, I had discovered how much I actually loved House and Bones. Obviously Journeyman didn't make it past their first season, and somewhere in there I stopped watching it (I heard it got really interesting after I stopped and now I just have to wait for DVD or find it somewhere online). And as I've mentioned before my love affair with Pushing Daisies dipped off significantly. This season I added True Blood, Fringe and Life on Mars. I stopped caring about True Blood half way through the first episode but I keep TiVoing it because my wife likes it. Her problem is she's never around so my TiVo is cluttered with old eps (and my TiVo is old by industry standards so 5 eps is clutter and then I have to watch my space for new shows). The verdict is still out on Life on Mars, but this week I deleted Fringe without even watching it. I love almost everything else JJ has created or co-created (I was more interested in Felicity than Fringe) but alas my interested in this show is gone. It certainly is not Must See for me and at this point, and given how DVDs are working now, why bother investing time throughout this season, I'll just wait for the season 1 DVD.

This same kinda of feeling is creeping into my interested in Smallville. I've loved this show from the beginning, and while I tend to find it more interesting than some of my fellow friends, even I'm starting to care less and less. I actually was more excited about the possiblity of a Justice League spin-off (the character of Green Arrow is way more interesting but that maybe because so many of us have grown to re-love Batman). They are talking about doing The Graysons a show about Robin before he was Robin. I have mixed feelings but if it happens I know I'll be watching, but as I type I'm torn about deleting Smallville from my Season Pass. I'm 7 seasons in, do I really want to quit now?

The surprise for me is how I've added Grey's Anatomy. I'll say one name: Kevin McKidd. If you don't know who I mean, well.... check him out.

Well, I suppose I shall give Smallville another shot. But who knows after this week?

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