Tuesday, June 13, 2006

From Lord Norfolk to Barty Crouch, Jr. Wheee!

Oh, how the tables have turned. How the tides have shifted. A week ago, I was taunting and mocking Caroline for her Doctor Who obsession (which had really become frightening, see her previous blog entry if you don’t believe me), and now here I am frantically scouring You Tube for clips from Season 2. Sigh. Stupid BBC! Always making excellent programming!

Yes, folks, that’s right. I have further entrenched my geek status and have become a Doctor Who fan. I remember my Uncle trying to explain the show to me when I was about 12, and going on about how great it is, but I thought it sounded lame. And remember, I had only seen pictures of the dude in the long scarf, and seriously, who needs a scarf that long? Time Lord my ass, he was just a dude with a long scarf to me.

And then, entre Caroline. The first episode she convinced me to watch did not win me over. There were zombies and Charles Dickens, and did I mention zombies? But I gave it another shot and watched the next to last episode which piqued my interest. And the finale now has me hooked. I cried people. CRIED. It was awesome! The acting was fantastic, the special effects were pretty darn good for television, and the angst level was high. Everything you need for quality television.

Oh, you want to know about the plot? Ok, fine. So the doctor had jumped to the future and discovered that the world was about to be overrun by these bad guys called the Daleks. The Daleks had been fighting the Time Lords for just about forever and had succeeded in killing them all except for the Doctor. But they also succeeded in wiping themselves out. Turns out though, the Dalek emperor survived and over the course of hundreds of years had been using human cells to replicate himself and create a new Dalek army. The army was then going to wipe out humanity because….that’s what bad guys do I guess. Something about them shouting “EXTERMINATE” and not liking people. The Doctor figured out how to rig this thing called a Delta Wave that would wipe out all the Daleks, but would have the nasty side effect of wiping out everyone on Earth too. This was ok by the Doctor though, since he knew humans had colonies and would survive in some form. The Doctor tricked Rose into going into TARDIS (his time machine) and sending her back to her own time so she would be safe.
But Rose was all, “bitch, please” and figured out how to make the TARDIS take her back. Apparently the guts of the TARDIS contain the time vortex and Rose went all First Slayer when she looked into it. She comes back with all this incredible power and wipes out all the Daleks right before they were going to kill the Doctor, who was unable to convince himself to throw the switch and wipe out Earth. Awww! He likes us! But all that vortex power was killing Rose, so the Doctor kisses her (!!!) and sucks up all the energy into himself and puts it back in the TARDIS. And they lived happily ever after.

Except for the part where every cell in the Doctor’s body was dying so he had to regenerate. And the Doctor goes from Lord Norfolk to Barty Crouch, Jr. in about 30 seconds. And Maggie cries. And it was good.

David Tennant is now the tenth actor to play the Doctor, and from what I have seen on You Tube he does an absolutely adorkable job. All I have to do now is wait and see if SciFi decides to air the second season of the show. If they do, we will most likely have to wait a year. Boo!

Friday, June 02, 2006

i'm a recapper!!

So, the biggest TV-related news in my world is that I'M GONNA BE A RECAPPER!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, check out fandomtalk -- i'll be on an every-three-week rotation on Big Brother to start, but i'm an alternate for pretty much every show they recap, and i've got a shot at a full-time gig in the fall. Fingers crossed for Veronica Mars, y'all.

FT's actually pretty awesome -- they have forums for lots of shows i like, even the ones like VM that they don't actually recap -- and they have book and movie fandoms too, which not many sites i visit can boast (*cough* TWOP *cough*). I've already picked up five or six booklist recommendations, and so far everyone has been really nice.


Spelling is a sport...just like cheerleading!

Am I the only person who saw the end of the Spelling Bee last night on ABC? It was...awesome. Yes, that's right. I was literally on the edge of my seat, hand clasped over mouth, in nervousness for the last two spellers.

There I was, finishing up Supernatural (even in reruns Jensen Ackles is the shit), and I thought, "hey! I will click over and check on the spelling bee!" The final two girls were going one after the other, spelling words that seemed to be mostly of German origin, and kicking ass.

Finally, one of them missed a word. But it wasn't over yet! The other had to spell her next word correctly AND spell an additional word. The first word went off without a hitch, and when 13 year old Katharine Close her that she needed to spell the word "ursprache" (meaning parent language), she got a small smile on her face. Clearly, she knew it. And RIGHT THEN I knew she was going to win. As soon as she hit the last letter she stepped back in shock and was immediately presented with the trophy.

This was exciting tv! And, you know, for once it is nice to see Americans celebrating people who are good at an intellectual pursuit and aren't simply trying to choke down buffalo testicles (Fear Factor) or give their best Elvis impression (American Idol).