Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How the Mighty Have Fallen?

So I know all the blogs are loaded down with what is the demise of our once faithful Heroes. I was trying to give it a chance. One last "please be the old Heroes". However, this week cinched the deal. I am done! I quit!

Generally, I can keep up with all television. I mocked those who said West Wing was too fast paced and a scoffed at the idea that 24 was too complicated. However, when it comes to Heroes I am THOROUGHLY confused. I have lost track of who is a "Hero" and who is a "Villain." Not to mention the fact which Heroes are secretly working for Villains and which Villains are secretly working for Heroes. I read the entertainment weekly article on "how to fix heroes." Their simple formula (for all those who do not want to read the article) was as follows:
Some of the above points are valid. Clearly there are too many plot twists and if the characters were not so quick to judge, they might have less plot twists. So the "Make the heroes smarter" I totally agree with. In addition, I believe getting back to the roots was key. In the begninng Heroes was al about the character, the people, not as much about the plot. Now the show is focused on "formulas." Also like LOST, Heroes needs a clear cut goal and they need to progress toward it.

I disagree that some heros need retiring. Though the idea of no more new ones is IMPORTANT. The only character this season I hate is Tracy, the triplet of Nikki. Stupid and dumb plot line. But I am glad they stole Iceman's power. The other key difference not addressed above between this year and last is there is a lot more jumping. We did not see what was going on with ALL the characters all the time like we do in this episdoe. We would go weeks without seeing some of the heroes. I miss those times.

Finally my final issues: 1) Where is claire's bf? Did he die and I have blocked that out? 2) When did Maya learn English?


Josh said...

"I have lost track of who is a "Hero" and who is a "Villain." Not to mention the fact which Heroes are secretly working for Villains and which Villains are secretly working for Heroes."

I think that is the point. The first season dealt with them coming to grips that they actually have their powers. The 2nd season was weak. But the third season is them coming to grips as to whether they are good or evil. Traditional lines have been blurred.

I'm just along for the ride. :)

Maggie Cats said...

I still enjoy the show, but I find myself getting mad when the characters do things that are so retarded that they make no sense. For example, Elle knowing that she can't control her electricity and GETTING ON A PLANE. Or Hiro (who was once my favorite) running around like a mentally challenged person.

If the only way the writers can think to get the characters in certain situations is to have them make such incredibly dumb decisions, they need to work a little harder.

As for West, I'm pretty sure they have just decided to forget her exists.

I also don't mind the "who is a villain who is a hero" deal, I just wish it was dealt in a more elegant and intelligent manner.

Monkey Sri said...

I avoided reading this post, since I missed last week's episode and I couldn't get NBC website to load (WTF?). Thank god for Hulu! Anyway, I'm all caught up now - and I would argue that the second season was all about moral ambiguity and the good/evil dichotomy in us all. You're right, it's just gotten confusing and ridiculous. I think one of their problems is that they're trying to inject too much romance - the Matt/Daphne subplot is cute and revelant, but the Mohinder/Maya and (to a lesser extent) the Nathan/Tracy subplots bug the crap out of me. Also, Sylar is a Petrelli? And Arthur is still alive? This isn't Dynasty, people - get it together!