Monday, March 10, 2008

An Open (Angry) Letter

Dear CW,

You suck. I'm sure you know why : in order to keep on such monstrosities as Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill, you cut your entire comedy department. That means there may be no more Aliens in America.

You never deserved Aliens in the first place. When I want smart, funny and heartwarming television, CW is not my first channel flip. If I want mindless drivel marketed to shallow tweens, maybe I'll turn to you. That is, if I don't commit ritualistic suicide first.

But the fact of the matter is, you've stumbled upon a rare gem and made the uncharacteristically brilliant decision to include it in your programming. So do the right thing. Renew the one show that has me consistently tuning in to your blasted network. Or else.

No Love,
Monkey Sri

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