Thursday, March 06, 2008

Really, any of those three would have been ok.

The votes are in, the results tallied, and the winner is...Christian! Last night on the season finale of Project Runway, Christian, that loveable snarky scamp, managed to charm the judges with his fierceness and take the top prize. Which makes him both the fan favorite and the judge's favorite. Nice little bit of synergy there.

With guest judge Victoria Beckham added to the mix (LOVE her, but not necessarily her style), Heidi, Michael, and Nina hemmed and hawed and finally crowned Christian the winner. It was a bit of a surprise, I think most people had pegged Rami as the one to beat since the season premiere, but really, I would have been pleased with any of the final three.

Though Chris March (my favorite) was not among them, all final three designers showed beautifully executed, surprising, fashionable pieces. While Rami's was my person favorite, due to the wearability, elegance, and use of color of his collection, all three designers put forth collections that could have taken the win. No Project Runway contestant has yet to top Jay McCarroll's first season Bryant Park showing in my mind, but the three collections shown last night, though inspired by a similar military style, were distinct and well-done. I tend to agree with the judge's critique of Jillian's collection as discordant, and I was not bowled over by Christian's reliance on black and taupe as his palette, but overall the quality of work was amazing. It looked like a REAL fashion show, and not just some reality show finale.

So congrats, Christian!

Just in case you were wondering, here are my two favorite looks from the show last night, both from Rami's collection. First my favorite "fantasy" (as in, nobody I know could ever have occasion to wear something like this) piece:

And the "everyday" (as in, if it was available, I would run out and buy this right now) piece:

I could totally wear this suit to work, like, tomorrow. Love that draping, Rami-style!

And here is a round-up of some of the best post-finale linkage:

Bravo has a gallery of all the pieces from the collection, and of course, Tim's Take.

Project Rungay has, as usual, awesome content on everything PR.

And Jay McCarroll's blog on makes me snort water out my nose whenever I read it. And apparently, he has a documentary about a year in his life coming out. Can't wait to see that!

See you next season, you fierce bitches, you!

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