Monday, March 17, 2008

Random Linkage

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone! Since most of you will be out swigging green beer all night, here is a cornucopia of tv-related links to get you through the day:

Paley Fest has begun, and if you, like me, are unable to blow off your job and head out to California, Michael Aussielo over at has your hook-up. Starting with a great report from the Pushing Daisies panel!

To piggyback on Selvi's review of Lewis Black's new show, here is an online chat with the man himself, from The Washington Post.

There's a Heroes soundtrack album.

As the premiere date for the last season of Battlestar Galactica comes closer (April 4!!), catch up on the goings on with recaps from TWOP. I don't know about you, but I've basically forgotten everything that happened on the show last season. Except that Baltar was crazy and Helo is totally going to the gun show.

It's nice to know I wasn't the only person who was curious as to how Marlee Matlin was going to fare on Dancing with the Stars. Here's a great article about the hearing-impaired and music, as well as Marlee's reality show debut.

And, finally, anybody else remember this movie? I saw it on the Disney Channel when I was younger and the banshees resulted in childhood trauma. Seriously. I did not sleep for days. It would probably make the perfect St. Pat's movie now.


Monkey Sri said...

No, but have you seen Leprechauns? It is a magical realism, made-for-TV movie of the 10th Kingdom ilk. I think my parents might own it - don't ask me why.

Maggie Cats said...
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