Sunday, March 02, 2008

Why did I not watch this show before now: Gilmore Girls Edition

It seems hard to believe that I have never seen the Gilmore Girls. Crackling, witty dialogue? Check. Plucky heroines who make constant pop-culture references? Check. Unresolved sexual tension? Check. So how come this show never made it on my radar?

Maybe it's because it started airing when I was in school. Or because it was on The WB at a time when the other thing that channel had going for it was Buffy. Or...I don't know, because life is crazy and I just never got around to it so leave me alone, ok?

ANYWAY. Since my Mom has been laid up at home for several weeks recovering from a heart attack (she's doing fine, but this accounts for my lack of updates lately), I got her a gift subscription to Netflix. Imagine my surprise when she said the first thing she wanted to see was Gilmore Girls. Apparently, she recorded the show every day on her DVR since it is running in syndication. Our discs arrived and we settled in to watch the Pilot.

Yeah, so I officially love this show. It's just so clever. And my Mom must have thought I had lost my mind when I busted out laughing when a very young Jared Padalecki (of Supernatural fame) popped up on screen with late 90s skater-hair. And don't even get me started as to my reaction when Chad Michael Murray appeared. I believe the words "loathe" and "douchebag" were used. Although I'm not sure my Mom knows what douchebag really means. But I'm sure she was able to figure it out from the context.

Doesn't this hair just scream 1997?

I'm almost done with the first season, and I have to say I am surprised at how quickly a clip the show moves along. So far Christopher has returned, Luke and Lorelai have almost gotten around to asking each other out, and Rory and Dean have already gotten together and broken up. How are they going to drag this out for another 6 seasons??

It is, of course, not a huge surprise how the story ends. As someone who follows television, I couldn't help read about major plot points as they occurred, or be aware how the series closed out. But I don't think that it has affected my enjoyment of the series thus far, and I am hopeful that nothing will change.

You just wish you were as cool as them.

And in a side-note that I am sure Selvi will appreciate, the big love-interest of the series is played by Scott Patterson of Aliens in America fame. Something for everyone!

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