Friday, March 28, 2008

In my ever-present quest to distract our readers from doing actual work, here are some links to get you through the day.

Sci-Fi channel is REALLY trying to get you to watch Battlestar Galactica when it premieres April 4. They have a preview of the fourth season airing tonight at 10 pm, and a half-hour "documentary" looking back at the previous three seasons on at 10:30 pm. They're also running marathons every day from March 31 - April 4. So you really have no excuse not to catch up. Unless you don't have cable. In which case, how do you survive?

Also, in an interview, Edward James Olmos says he's cool if everyone on the show dies this season. Ok then.

John Krasinki! I've missed you so much. Come back, The Office!

I watched about 4 episodes of The Tudors last year before I determined that it sucked. But adding Peter O'Toole to the cast as the Pope might be enough to make me watch again. Maybe. The season premiere is Sunday at 9:00 pm on Showtime.

The X-Files Paley Fest report!

Christian from Project Runway on Ugly Betty....fierce!

USA Today really likes the new version of Sense and Sensibility airing on Sunday on Masterpiece. I remain dubious. I mean, the Ang Lee version has Hugh Laurie! And Alan Rickman! Can't beat that.

Jeff Zucker, the CEO of NBC, is causing a controversy for comments made about the writer's strike on the new My Name is Earl promo.

Also from the The Washington Post, the top 5 rated shows last week were American Idol, Dancing with Stars, and Two and a Half Men. *vomit*
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