Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cartoons for kids! What will they think of next?

Nowadays a lot children's programs do their best to conform to the standards of E/I, or "educational and informative" television. It might as well stand for "ennui*-inducing." What's the point of teaching values if you can't get the kids to stick around for the punchline moral?

So this episode of the cartoon round-up is dedicated to a show that incorporates lessons without sacrificing entertainment value. If you liked Dragonheart or Ever After, you'll love Jane and the Dragon.

This medieval adventure is about a girl training to become a knight, who rescues a prince by befriending the dragon. Crazy? Maybe. But the show is made crazy awesome by the creator's attention to detail. Every character has an elaborate back-story (which you can read on the official website). As such, their motivations are complex and their emotions compelling - a rare treat in children's television.

Beyond that, the animation is really well done. Often CGI looks stiff and fake, but with a production team who worked on The Lord of the Rings and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Jane and the Dragon is freaking adorable. The style is faithful to the series of books the show was based on, written and illustrated by Martin Baynton.

Jane and the Dragon airs Saturdays at 12:30 on NBC (part of the Qubo lineup).


*Yes, I know how to use a thesaurus. Try to contain your shock.


Maggie Cats said...

So I totally watch this show when I am getting dressed on Saturday mornings. I thought I was the only one who had ever heard of it!

Monkey Sri said...

Yet another sign that we are destined soul mates. Dibs on being Jane.