Monday, March 03, 2008

Secret Boyfriend of the Week

As my esteemed colleague wrote a few months ago, Make Me A Supermodel is like crack. Not only is it extremely addictive, but it's also clearly a poor person's drug. This isn't a genre known for being classy. But I would argue that the contestants, rather than being retarded fame whores like OTHER reality shows, mostly seem to be normal people who actually have some modeling ability. Notice I said "mostly."

So this week, TV Sluts is sending a shout-out to Ronnie, the obviously talented, obviously pretty, and obviously model-esque participant on Supermodel. Not only do I love him because he's hot (duh), but he has shown that he can handle himself with class, grace, and poise.

For those of you who are uninitiated, Ronnie has developed certain feelings for Ben, his straight and married roommate. While the producers keep trying to make us believe that Ronnie has an evil plan to break up Ben's marriage, turn him gay, and run off with him, I think most viewers have figured out that Ronnie sees Ben as a good friend whom he also happens to harbor a big-fat crush for.

I make this suit look fierce.

This past week's episode saw a new side of Ben emerge, however. Apparently Ben is very "competitive," and to him this means that it's ok to spew insults at people and make homophobic comments. While I, like Ronnie, believe that these comments were not borne of malice and are probably considered normal ways of communicating among hetero supposedly-macho males, it was very offensive. But instead of yelling and screaming and carrying on as most reality stars would, Ronnie talked to Ben in a rational and mature manner, and secured my affections forever. Seriously, his ability to make Ben aware of how hurtful his comments were without making a big production out of it was surprising, especially for television.

So, Ronnie. Welcome to the Secret Boyfriend of the Week pantheon. I hope you win and become a supermodel for the ages.

You know how you can tell he's awesome? No popped collar.

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Monkey Sri said...

Aw, I missed it! The best thing about Bravo, though, is that they replay the same four or five shows non-stop so you never have to worry about missing an episode :P