Friday, April 30, 2010

Secret Boyfriend of the Week

This week's Secret Boyfriend should be a familiar face. To most none fandom-crazy people, he's a total, "Hey! It's that Guy!" A quick run-down of his IMDB page will show that he's been in a ton of primetime shows during the past few years, and basically anything that has ever filmed in Vancouver. In fact, now I am wondering if he is Canadian. But if so, I won't hold it against him. So who is he?

Mark Sheppard.

I can hear you from here. You're saying, "who?" So how abouts I break it down.

He was Badger on Firefly.

Lovin the bowler hat, Mark.

And he was Romo (the lawyer) on Battlestar Galactica.

And most recently, he's the demon Crowley on Supernatural.

And you've probably also seen him on Chuck, Leverage, CSI, so yeah, dude gets around.

And he's SBFOTW this week for several reasons, first of which is that he brought a much needed adrenaline rush to Supernatural's most recent episode (which frankly has gotten so bogged down in angst this season it's missing a lot of the old fun), and second, he has pretty much always impressed me with his quality of acting. Sure, he tends to come in to a series, be awesome for a handful of episodes and then depart, but you don't forget him. He's a consummate character actor who gets it done. Whatever it happens to be. Funny, scary, smart, intimidating, crazy; he's done it all and done it well.

Plus, I think he's adorable.

So, cheers, Mark! I hope you stick around Supernatural for awhile, come back to Chuck soon, and I might even check out Leverage now that I know you're in it.


Pamuk's Dad said...

Oh yeah, you should definitely check out Leverage. And I see where you're coming from on Supernatural, but I had been catching up so maybe the shot wasn't what I needed.

Monkey Sri said...

Crowley? Like in Good Omens?

Anonymous said...

Exactly what I thought the first time Crowley appeared. He's a demon in Supernatural, too.

Also, The Awesome Power of Mark Sheppard has also graced the very underrated but nonetheless pretty shiny The Middleman, as well.

Andi said...

No, Crowley like in Aleister Crowley. Oh friends, look him up on wikipedia and be amazed at all the useless crap stored in my brain.