Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Great Episode... Or Greatest Episode?

Last night's episode of Glee rocked my socks off. Literally. I am sock-less. Here's why...

1. More Kurt!
As always, Chris Colfer delivered a brilliantly nuanced and emotionally powerful performance. Mike O'Malley (as Kurt's dad) and Romy Rosemont (as Finn's mom) really brought up the level of the room as well. I was really pleased with the whole Hummel-Hudson family drama. Especially the pace - still speedy, but less of the whiplash feeling of previous episodes.

2. More Mercedes!
Yes, her whole story line this episode was a little After-school Special. Still, it kind of worked. The way she hijacked the pep rally... AMAZING. Honestly, tears in my eyes. And how it turned around for Sue's benefit - saw it coming, but it was brilliant.

Words cannot describe how much I love these two.

3. More Kristin Chenoweth!
One question - why isn't she in every episode?!? Okay, maybe that's a bit of hyperbole - KC episodes are great partially because they're rare. But just like more experienced actors seem to improve the overall acting, KC turns up the music to 11. Every single time.

In conclusion: more like this, please. IMHO, the less said about Rachel and What's-His-Eventual-Traitor-Face, the better.


Whitney said...

it was neither great nor the greatest. It was good. it was much better than the other two, but still not on par with last season. Beautiful was great and the performance was awesome. But the episode was predictable and the performances were good. Kurt really creeped me out the whole episode. I like him, but it was just creepy the way he sang and lurked in the shadows. The real highlight was Finn's mom. She was the star, I almost cried with her. Everyone is watching this show with rose colored glasses.

Maggie Cats said...

I thought it was one of the best episodes so far in terms of the story, but found the music a bit lacking. So I guess I agree and disagree with both of you? I'm a radical moderate.

Anyway, I thought the acting, the emotion, and the story were top notch and way better than a lot of what we have seen so far from the show. Right when I start to underestimate it's capacity to handle actual drama they hit me with this. But again, I wish they could combine a great story and great music together more often.

Monkey Sri said...

I will defer to your musical expertise, Maggie ... we all know I can't carry a tune in a bucket ;)