Thursday, April 01, 2010

Bring on the corn on the cob!

(spoilers for the past weeks' Ugly Betty contained within!)

Ugly Betty continues surge forward to its series finale, and big changes are happening! Big change #1: Betty got her braces off! And she looks good.

Unlike some people, I think Ugly Betty has done a great job gradually having Betty transform on the outside. I think inside she's still mostly the same smart, optimistic, ray of sunshine with perhaps just a little more worldliness. But the outside has definitely made big leaps during the past few years. Remember where we started?

Yikes. Who wears a poncho like this on their first day of work??

But things really have changed for our intrepid fashion journalist. She and Marc and Amanda are (gasp!) close friends now, Daniel has learned to pretty much always do what she says, and even Wilhemina has come around with some Betty love.

Oh, and big change #2: Justin kissed a dude. Woot! After telling everyone who would listen that he had a crush on a girl in his acting class (yeah, right), Justin and his friend Austin shared a kiss after their one act performances. It wasn't gratuitous, it wasn't exploitative, it was just about two teens recognizing their feelings for one another. And they both happened to be guys.

So keep it coming, Betty! If the rest of the season progresses like the episodes that have already aired, I think we're in for a funny, shocking, and touching series finale. Which I can't wait to see...but also don't want to come too soon, since it means the end of Betty forever.

“Isn’t it obvious? Your stumble into good taste has killed her!” —Marc, scolding Betty after Willy sees her new, fashionable ensemble and keels over in pain.

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