Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Upcoming Shows

I never really understood why the networks sometimes decide to premiere new shows in May. But they do, so here we are. Trying to decide if these are worth our time.

First up, the show I am most likely to watch: The Good Guys, which premieres on FOX on June 17 (with a sneak peek on May 19). FOX is billing it with a three word campaign, and I gotta say, it's working for me.


From what I've seen, it seems like a throw-back to the 1980s cop shows. But all I needed to know is that it has Bradley Whitford. With a fabulous mustache. Oh, and Colin Hanks, the adorable son of Tom Hanks. Here's a preview:

And it's true. The ladies do like the 'stache. But mostly they like Bradley Whitford.

And now for a show I haven't actually decided whether I want to watch or not. Happytown, which premieres tonight on ABC at 10pm. The previews make it look like a serial killer mystery show, but some of the reviews I've read mention that it tries to be one of those comedy-drama hybrids. Either way, the reviews have not been kind, even from fan-based sites like Ain't It Cool. In fact, their reviewer referred to it as a bad Twin Peaks rip-off. Ouch. But then again, I took a chance on Harper's Island last summer and ended up really enjoying it, despite the cheesiness and bad reviews.

I think I'll give a chance...and of course, report back to you all what I thought!

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