Sunday, April 18, 2010

Buh-Bye Betty

....And so it ends. Ugly Betty aired its last episode last week after four years of braces, fashion, fabulousness, evil plots, and mexican food. And I gotta say, I was sorry to see it end.

But I was extremely satisfied with how the show ended. There was a small sense of the overall plot having been sped up; if memory serves, the word came down not too long ago about the cancellation, so things had to be moved ahead to get some resolution. For example: Betty ends up moving to London and taking an awesome new job, Hilda, Justin, and the new husband move out, Amanda finds her father, Mark finds true lurv, Papi decides he wants to live on his own and be an independent woman, Wili also finds true lurv and turns over a new leaf where she will only be a bitch some of the time, and Daniel decides he is in love with Betty.

Did you catch that last one. DANIEL IS IN LOVE WITH BETTY.

I know there have always been Daniel/Betty shippers and until these past couple episodes I was against it. But despite the speedy progression of the plot and character development over the last episodes, I've basically come around. It felt natural to the show and it's true that Betty has really been the one person that has stuck with Daniel through the past 4 years. And I like that the show didn't end with them "together," just with the possibility that there might be something down the road. I don't know about you but I'm pretty sure his taking her to dinner was more than just two friends getting together, it was definitely a date.

I'll miss ya Betty. And not just because you were a great character, but because the people surrounding you were awesome, hilarious, at times evil, and just in general fun. And really, what else can you ask for?

End of Series Quiz

Favorite Episode(s): In or Out, in which the "bandage lady" of the first season is revealed to be Alexis, or Daniel's presumed dead brother, Alex, post-sex change. Best. Twist. Ever.

Favorite Character(s): Marc. He's snarky, adorable, but has just enough kindness inside to keep from being a villain.

Favorite Quote:

Marc: "I can't go stag, hag"
Amanda: "Buy your own beer, queer"
Marc: "You can't just ditch, bitch"

Gone Before It’s Time? Yeah, I think so. There was another season of quality programming in there.

At Least We’ll Always Have…: Memories of watching the show right after my upgrade to an HD TV. Seriously, it was one of the first shows that I noticed a huge difference. All those bright colors!


Jennifer said...

I agree completely....satisfying ending but it did feel a bit "fast-forwarded." Darn you network execs! Of course...with everything wrapped up so neatly it doesn't really leave the window open for a last minute revival on another network. (I can dream, can't I?) Double darn you execs! And seriously...I think Daniel almost seduced me with the the look he gave Betty as he issued the dinner invitation.

Priya said...

I liked it too. I also love how they didn't jump into the relationship just because it was the end of the show, and I loved how everything got tied up nice and neat in the end (even for Willy).