Monday, May 03, 2010

Future Husband?

30 Rock has been on a roll this season. I wasn't always the show's biggest fan (I thought the first two seasons were wildly uneven), but it has really hit it's stride the past couple years, and this season has been the best yet, at least in my opinion.

One of the things the show does best is juggle it's many celebrity guests. Some shows aren't so great at stunt casting (hate to say it, but How I Met Your Mother tends to fall in this category for me), but 30 Rock always comes up with roles and situations where celebrity guest stars don't seem like a gratuitous ratings-grab. Case in point: Michael Sheen.

He played a guy named Wesley Snipes. And when Liz called him out on his insane name he countered with, "it’s insane that the actor Wesley Snipes has that name. If you saw a picture of him and a picture of me and were asked who should be named Wesley Snipes. You’d pick the pale Englishman every time! Every time!" Good point, Wes.

So basically, Wesley was having dental surgery at the same time as Liz. They met in the recovery room (when they were both still high on anesthesia) and entered each others' numbers in their cell phones as "future wife" and "future husband." When they actually met again...they realized they had nothing in common and really irritated each other. But then! They kept running into each other and Wesley became convinced that the universe wanted them to "settle" for one another. Liz decided that she wouldn't settle and gave Wesley the old heave ho. But he promised to see Liz again in May, for sweeps. Which is apparently what Brits call spring cleaning.

And true to his word, I'm starting to see reports that Michael Sheen will be back on 30 Rock this month and IMDB seems to confirm. Maybe he will end up Liz's future husband after all? I bet big things are going to go down in the season finale. Its just like Notting Hill... he's "British and charming. And she’s got… certain angles that work for her." And is it really "settling" if you end up with a hot Englishman who's a dead ringer for Tony Blair? And occasionally moonlights as a werewolf and vampire? I think not.

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beerboy said...

30 Rock is my favorite comedy on TV. Hands down. I personally love their blatant, thinly veiled usage of horrific internet meme references that somehow get past the censors. i.e. "You can't have a Lemon party without old Dick!" If you don't get that one, Google it when you are not at work.