Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A woman's home is her Castle... or something like that

I'd basically given Castle a pass until I went home a few weeks ago. My brother brought the first season on DVD and the whole family plunked down in front of the TV to watch. Four episodes later, all of which I had already seen, we had to be pried away with a crowbar and hustled off to bed. My interest in the show was rekindled in a big way, so I made a point of picking up the new season when I returned to DC. I was all excited, but when show time came ... meh. I puttered around my apartment (not just during commercials), surfed the web, even put the show on mute so I could read for a bit. Which left me wondering ... why is TV so much entertaining at home?

Then, it hit me - sometimes, the difference between a good show and a great one is the company. At home, my mother will pop up every few minutes and bring back snacks. My father will alternate between admonishing the main characters and taking unintentional naps. And my brother and I will indulge in our old game of guessing aloud "whodunit?" Without them, the show wasn't enough to hold my attention. With them, Castle becomes fun for ... wait for it ... the whole family.



Maggie Cats said...

Gotta admit, the big appeal for this show for me is Nathan Fillion. I'm not too interested in the crime drama part (as you know, procedurals usually bore me), but he's so darn likable and the folks who play his family are pretty awesome, so I try to stay current with it!

Pamuk's Dad said...

He has the best comedic timing!