Monday, January 18, 2010

Hurray, meh, and yikes.

The Golden Globes last night may have been semi-entertaining, but Ricky Gervais was frankly a little disappointing, there were very few obviously drunken celebrities, and most of the people I was rooting for didn't win.

I mean, James Cameron? Really? His speeches were the worst of the night for realsies.

But there was at least one bright spot! Glee took home the award for best televisions series comedy or musical. Even though Jane Lynch was robbed in the supporting actress category (seriously, she is brilliant), at least the show in general got recognized for making such a funny, entertaining, and joyous show.

Other than that, meh. Meryl Streep's win was definitely deserved, but I was really rooting for Katherine Bigelow to win Best Director (for The Hurt Locker), Hugh Laurie to win for House (mostly because his acceptance speeches are usually awesome), and Gabourey Sidibe to win for Precious.

Sidenote: even hearing people talk about Precious is enough to make me want to cry. It looks like an astounding film, but honestly, I don't know if I could handle it.

While it was nice to see the broadcast and the celebrities acknowledge the situation in Haiti, it's a little hard to get excited about gowns, jewels, and acting awards when there are people struggling for survival and to find the most basic of human necessities. I'm not sure what could have been done about it, other than what NBC did do which was to remind people to donate and promote the upcoming George Clooney telethon, but it still made for a weird night. And James Cameron waving his Golden Globe around and yelling for the Hollywood millionaire establishment to "give itself a hand!" during his Best Picture acceptance speech certainly didn't help my feeling of discomfort.

But at least they're adorable, right?

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