Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Telethon?

With all the technology surrounding us in 2010, who would have thought that as a society we would still be using the 1950's telethon. Granted, they are slightly more high tech than turning numbers on the big board. Last night was the Hope for Haiti telethon, orchestrated by our modern day Jerry Lewis of telethons, George Clooney.

I have no idea how anyone who watched tv could have missed the marathon. It aired on 31 networks, including all the majors ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and then some lesser cable networks, HBO, Comedy Central, MSNBC, CNN, E and the Green Network. Twitter was a flutter with the fact that Fox News was the only major news network not airing. In fact, O'Reily actually went against the telethon live.

I have not yet viewed how they did, but according to the thousands posting on twitter, the phone lines were impossible to get through. Perhaps celebrities are not the most efficient operators (*yes I am aware they aren't really operating the lines).

The highlights of the event included an excellent performance of Halo by Beyonce, a beautiful rendition of Lean on Me by Cheryl Crow, Keith Urban and Kid Rock, and Brad Pitts DISGUISTING beard. Madonna also did a rendition of "Like a Prayer" but it wasn't her best work.

The music is all available on itunes for download and you can still make donations at


Maggie Cats said...

I saw like 30 seconds of it when Steven Spiellberg was talking to some lady on the phone to take her donation. The hilarious part was after he said goodbye but before he hung up the phone, you could clearly say "Oh my God!" She had just talked to the Spielberg, yo! I would have freaked out too.

Maggie Cats said...

Er...I meant, "clearly hear her say, 'Oh my God!'"