Sunday, January 31, 2010

Clearly, I was a good luck charm.

I blame it on the snow. I had been stuck inside all day, hadn't had any human contact for hours...and it just sort of happened.

I watched the Miss. America pageant.

I was hoping just to catch the evening gowns, but I basically tuned in at the beginning. And then! Miss. Virginia and Miss. DC got into the semifinals! So I really didn't have any choice but to keep watching because someone had to cheer on my hometown girls.

Swimsuits were Mario Lopez talked about how the point was to show athleticism, fitness, and confidence, but come on. It's pretty girls in bikinis. They're shoes were pretty awesome though. The evening gowns were a pleasant surprise, only one or two were ridiculously pageanty dresses, and most of them were really pretty and sparkly. I'm kind of a sucker for sparkly.

The talent competition was also better than expected. Miss. California kicked ass with her opera, and there was some ballet, piano playing, lots of singers, jazz dancing....but no batons. Which sorely disappointed me.

The last hurdle for the contestants is the "interview," or question and answer period. This year they had folks on the street ask questions of the ladies, and for the most part they were kind of lame. Miss. Virginia pretty much blew it out of the water with her response to the question, "how can we stop childhood obesity?" Her answer was for parents to turn off the television, take away the videogames, and get their kids' asses off the sofa and outside to play. Of course, she was much more eloquent than that, but you get the gist.

By this time, I had managed to drag my friend Monique into watching the pageant with me. And then came the big moment. The winner would be announced! And it was....

Miss. Virginia! You go, girl! I'm convinced that it was because I was watching. After all, I am a big Virginia fan and am always sticking up for my home commonwealth. So she owes the win to me. Or maybe it's because she had such a great answer to her question and sang really beautifully.

Nah, it was all me.

There she is.....Miss. America....just remember who got you there, honey.

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