Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Live Update

When I posed the question to my Dad, "what should I write on the tv blog?" his response was that I should talk about what we are doing right now. And I thought, good idea, Dad.

Wednesday nights are typically spent over at my Dad's. It's kind of a remnant of our scheduled "every other weekend" visits (since my parents are divorced), and having a regularly scheduled visit ensures that I get good quality time with the Dad and ES (that's short for Evil Stepmother).

Of course, you have to remember that "quality time" in this family means that we sit on the couch on our asses watching television. Hey, don't judge. The point is that we are visiting. So what if I have to watch my Dad endlessly flip through crime show procedurals (CSI, NCIS, Bones, Law & Order, Criminal Minds, etc.). Actually, to be honest I don't like procedurals, and it's kind of annoying watching someone flip channels endlessly, but it's all worth it to soak up the family time.

Plus we have a tradition, that I think I have mentioned before, where we work our way through a show episode by episode. Usually we go with premium channel shows since I don't get them and they are available on-demand. We're juuuuuuust about done with the first season of Nurse Jackie (which I'll probably post about next week after we finish it), but the more violence, profanity, and nudity the better. Except watching those sex scenes with the Dad can be a little awkward.

Next up on the television night docket: the latest season of Dexter. I've been able to remain spoiler-free (which is basically a miracle) so I'm really looking forward to it.

Best Wednesday night with Dad quote: "I like the second season of True Blood a lot better than the first because what's her name shows her boobs a lot more."

These are the precious moments I will carry with me forever.

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