Tuesday, January 12, 2010

He knows Kung Fu....sometimes.

Ladies and gents, Chuck's back!

Everyone's favorite spy has returned to airwaves, and if you recall from last year's finale...he knows kung fu. Or more accurately, he can sometimes access the Intersect to download various skills directly into his brain ala The Matrix. Unfortunately, it doesn't work when he's emotional and if you know Chuck, you know he is often very emotional.

It doesn't help that things are still complicated with Sarah; I get that it can ruin a show when characters resolve their sexual tension, but now that Chuck is officially a spy, having him and Sarah trying to balance a real relationship and a fake-spy relationship would (I think) be pretty interesting. But having them continue to dance around one another after three years of the same old same old is starting to get a little ridiculous. Especially after Sarah came out and asked Chuck to run away with her. To which he said no, the patriotic fool.

Of the three episodes that have aired so far, yesterday's episode where the team and Captain Awesome try to keep a communist dictator alive from assassination was by far the most entertaining. I've always thought that Chuck was at its best when it had all parts of Chuck's life interacting with one another around a mission. When Awesome finally found out about Chuck's double-life, it injected new life into the show and having him involved in last night's plot made it all the more interesting.

(side note: thank god Awesome isn't dead because otherwise I would be really really pissed).

Next week looks to have more Awesome, which is always a good thing, and perhaps Ellie will finally find out about Chuck? Honestly, I'd rather have Morgan jump on the bandwagon, I think he would be hilarious working alongside the spy team and there's about a 50/50 chance he would be actually useful! I mean, he has a lot of knowledge about, oh, video games, slacking, and Star Wars. Maybe the team will have to break up a ring of lazy World of Warcraft-playing evil masterminds who enjoy dressing up as stormtroopers.

It could happen.

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Pamuk's Dad said...

Yay, Chuck is back!!! I absolutely LOVED the first three episodes. I admit I was concerned what might happen when Chuck "becomes" a spy but it hasn't really happened yet. I was a little disappointed with this week's ep. While I love to see Angie Harmon as evil, and intrigued by Superma-um-Brandon Routh, the funny just wasn't quite there for me. I am looking forward to seeing Lana Lan-um-Kristen Kreuk next week. Although Andi's words were, "I hate her." But after seeing Stone Cold Steve Austin, she was, "I can get behind that." At least I have a show I eagerly look forward to seeing next week. And less than 2 weeks for my other fav!