Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A kinder, gentler ... House?!?

The problem with watching House, M.D. on Hulu is that damned 8-day delay. Everything I have to say about the season premiere is already outdated, since the second episode aired last night. I am this close - *pinches an appropriately minuscule amount of air* - to giving up on Heroes in favor of catching my favorite snarky diagnostician in primetime.

Anyhoodle, as we all recall, last season ended with Wilson dropping House off at a mental institution. We return to find him detoxing, and it's a pretty gruesome sight. But he makes it through, with his typical irascible personality intact. More House-ness ensues - he tries to outsmart his doctors and manipulate the other patients in order to get what he wants, a letter from his shrink stating that he's fit to practice medicine. Pretty much par for the course.

And then he nearly gets this guy killed.

If you're a fan of the show, you know that House is all about two things - finding the truth and saving lives. He goes against both of these principles when he indulges a fellow patient's Superman delusion, with disastrous effect. His psychiatrist, Dr. Nolan (played by the wonderfully gritty Andre Braugher), accuses him of no longer caring about anything. For House it was a distinct 'aha' moment. He turns his life around - he starts taking his medication, connecting with other human beings and having fun. There's even a tooth-achingly sweet moment where he helps his roommate, a man named Alvie with bipolar affective disorder, finish his rap during the psych ward's talent show.

Yes, that's Booger from Revenge of the Nerds in the background.
And no, I will not let Curtis Armstrong move on with his life.

Sure, as a counselor I think it's great that House got the help he so desperately needed. As a TV Slut, however, I'm like WTF, mates? I realize that House's life can't just be a never-ending series of increasingly soul-destroying tragedies. But after the darkness of last season, I'm scratching my head as to what a new, possibly fluffier season will hold. Can a tortured hero still be heroic if he stops being tortured? Only time will tell ...


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He'll always be Booger to me, too.

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