Thursday, September 24, 2009


Why should you watch Community on NBC?

1. Joel McHale

2. John Oliver

3. Chevy Chase

4. Hilarious Indian (maybe?) guy who is a pop culture lover and provides numerous references to movies like The Breakfast Club, Dirty Dancing, and Adventures in Babysitting. And might have aspergers syndrome.

I really enjoyed the show; it's funny, charming, and fluffy. It's not great art, think of it as the marshmallow cream of comedies. Tastes great, less filling. But it's not mindless or dumb, I have a feeling the show has things to say, it's just going to need some time to get there.

The main character, Jeff, is a lawyer who is in danger of disbarment unless he can get a legit law degree. He enrolls in community college (where his old friend--played by John Oliver--is a professor) and forms a fake spanish study group to try to hook up with a cute girl. When word gets out of the study group, a bunch of motley fellow students assemble. After some well-done exposition about each of the characters, they fight, make up, and then BOOM. A community is formed.

I would rank the show as between funny and hilarious, it's kind of Diet Arrested Development. More grounded in reality, but with it's share of ridiculous.

Watch it. You'll like it. Thursdays at 9:30 on NBC.

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