Friday, September 11, 2009

The Boys are Back!

Spoilers for the season premiere of Supernatural below, so proceed at your own risk!

When we last left our intrepid demon-fighters, they had just broken the last of the seals keeping Lucifer trapped in hell, and he was breaking out. And we pick up right where we left off, except instead of dying in a supremely painful way as expected, the Winchester boys get white-lighted to an airplane directly above where they were standing and out of harms way.

Who in the what? My first thought was that it was Castiel, but whoops. He's dead. So Sam and Dean getting saved didn't seem to make much sense. And it's probably not going to help cure Dean's fear of flying, since the plane had to do some tight mauevering to avoid Lucifer's giant pillar of "I've breaking out of hell!" light.

BUT THEN. We find out that the big guy, G-O-D himself, decided to intervene and save the boys and reassemble the blown-apart bits of Castiel to take on Zachariah and his Matrix-y looking minion angels. I gotta say, the fight scene was kind of bad-ass.

So what did I think of the premiere? I liked it. There were constant surprises, most involving Bobby (he's possessed! He's stabbing himself to save Dean and probably going to die! He's unlikely to walk again but alive!). I think I yelled "nooooo!" a lot during most of the bad stuff involving Bobby, because as I am sure you all know, I absolutely adore him. I bet the neighbors thought I was watching some kind of crazy sport on tv by how vocal I was.

And I'm loving the new Dexter-like title card. Gruesome!

But there were also some really hilariously cringe-worthy parts, mostly involving Becky, the zealous Supernatural novel fangirl. She's the webmistress of, a Supernatural slash website. Kripke is pretty much willing to make fun of anybody, including his own fans. But I think the Supernatural slashers have it coming, because while I have nothing against slash in general, they're BROTHERS people! It's squicky to ship them!

Anyhoodle, Becky was a riot, especially when she couldn't stop touching Sam ("you're so firm!") and when she saw Dean ("You're....not what I was expecting). Love her!

Yeah, I probably would grab Sam Winchester's boob too if actually confronted with him. It's a normal response.

Some things that didn't seem to work so well are the characters constant use of folksy language and insults. Look, I get that they are from the midwest, but lay off the slang, Kripke. It's getting old. Also, the whole "emotional confrontation between Sam and Dean at the end of the episode" has worn out its welcome. It was really sad hearing that Dean doesn't trust Sam anymore, not that I blame him after all the crap that went down last season, but this is ground that got covered many many times last year. And it doesn't really jive with Dean telling Sam earlier that they need to just move on and work to clean up the mess they made.

Other than a few isolated missteps, the premiere was full of action, surprises, laughs, tears, and all the good stuff that Supernatural can deliver. It did a great job of setting up this year's arc, especially as Lucifer has found his human vessel and we now know Dean is intended as a vessel for archangel Michael, but I'm not sure how stand-along episodes are going to factor in. When you raise the stakes so high and have such imminent danger, it makes it a little more difficult to have a side-romp or feature the boys hunting down some random ghost.

Still, as always, I'm happily along for the ride. As long as the show has more of the action and less of the angst. Is it too much to ask to just see some hot guys kick some demon ass and blow ocassional shit up?

Now listen show. You know the deal. You are not allowed to kill Bobby. I'm cool with his being in a wheelchair if that happens, because he is so badass he could still kick butt, but you MUST NOT KILL HIM. Capish?

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I bet the slashers just were psyched to be acknowledged.