Friday, September 18, 2009

New Season, Same Old Crap.

Ah, Gossip Girl. The show that is like hostess snacks. Addictive. Yummy. But in the end, not filling and can have a weird after-taste. And while it's clear there's a lot of money parading across your television screen (what with the designer clothes, fabulous jewels, limos, and penthouses), the show this year feels kind of cheap. Mostly because of everyone's ratty hair.

The new season started this past week, and although three months have passed, the characters (for the most part) seem stuck in the same old ruts. Vanessa is a judgmental selfish ho with bonus terrible wig/weave, Jenny is annoying with consistently inappropriate clothing, Nate proves that his instincts/judgment are wrong with every single choice he makes, Serena is doing bizarre and crazy things but totally has an explanation, like for real you guys, and Dan is just....Dan. Whiny. Obnoxious. You get the drill.

In fact, the only characters who seem to have grown at all are Chuck and Blair who are flailing their way through a somewhat mature relationship. They're playing little games with each other, but hey, they're grown-ups now. More power to them. And as soon as Blair seemed uncomfortable, Chuck backed off. He told her he just wanted to make her happy, and darn if I don't believe it. It's nice that my two favorite characters on the show are happy, healthy, and hopefully a little wiser.

We'll see if it holds.

I burned through the first two seasons of this show, but frankly I'm starting to get a little bored. The constant plot recycling and characters hooking up with one another is starting to get old. They need to inject some new blood into the show, and so far Scott (the secret sibling of Dan and Serena, gasp!) is not doing it. Hopefully, having the characters begin school next week and meet new people will make things more interesting.

If not, I'm not sure how long I'll stick around.

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