Monday, September 14, 2009

The one reason to watch MTV award shows

We've gone on and on about the increasing irrelevance of award shows. And I can't think of any more ridiculous than the MTV Video Music Awards. First of all, everyone knows that MTV doesn't play music videos anymore. So their hosting an award show to recognize excellence in that field is kind of ironic.

But you can always count on MTV to have something buzz-worthy, usually unintentionally. Remember when that dude climbed to the top of the set and they had to shut the show down to get him down? Or when that weird guy ran out and danced jerkily while Bob Dylan was performing? And I'm pretty sure someone from Nirvana whacked themselves on the head one year after throwing his guitar in the air.

But this year takes the cake. Moments after Taylor Swift wins her award for Best Female Video, Kanye West jumps on the stage, rips the microphone out of the poor girl's hand, and proceeds to give props to Beyonce for her Single Ladies video. Taylor looks horrified, perplexed, and sad. She had just finished saying how she had always dreamed this would happen but can't believe it actually did....and then some douche interrupts her acceptance speech. Beyonce has the grace to look shocked and confused with nervous laughter.

I mean, look her face!

Kanye, seriously, get a grip. A friend told me that your mother died recently and that you must still be grieving...but if you aren't capable of behaving yourself in public because of something like that, DON'T GO OUT. He apologized on his blog, but still. Ugh. get over yourself, keep your ass in your chair, and keep your mouth shut.

And now, bonus Beyonce performance, because it was seriously awesome.


Whitney said...

though we know how I feel about award shows...I am glad you blogged about this. Poor Taylor.

Monkey Sri said...

Aw ... awkward/hilarious.