Thursday, September 03, 2009

Television Is Back!

September is my personal Xmas. Sure getting gifts is nice, but I very much enjoy sitting back an opening a brand new season of my favorite shows. And like Xmas, you are going to get gifts you don't want, gifts you don't understand, and gifts that you will cherish forever.

This summer was incredibly disappointing for me. Law & Order CI was a bust with Jeff Goldblum, Burn Notice and In Plain Sight didn't hold their own. Top Chef masters was HORRID. And even TrueBlood bit...(hahah get the pun, the shows about Vamps). The only thing that made the summer tolerable was an endless supply of Big Brother.

BUT! It is back. The fall season is joining us soon and I am ready for it. I have decided, like maggiecats to give you a taste of what I will be watching this fall:

8pm - House (Fox), Heroes(NBC) and HIMYM(CBS) (I have no idea how I will watch 3 shows at once, even Tivo can't do that, but how else to cope with changing schedules...)
9:30 - Big Bang Theory(CBS)

8pm - NCIS (CBS)
9pm - NCIS - LA (CBS) They previewed this one last year. LLCOOL J and Chris O Donnell....we will see how long i watch

9pm - Glee (Fox) EXCITED! and L&O SVU (NBC)
10 pm - Eastwick (ABC) have to try some new ones

8pm - Vampire Diaries (CW) Gotta support the degrassi alum(at least for the pilot)
9pm - The Office (NBC)
930pm - The Community (NBC) Gotta support John Oliver!

8pm - L&O (NBC)
9pm - Dollhouse (FOX) & Ugly Betty (ABC)
10pm - Numbers (CBS)

Sun (My Husbands Day of TV)
8pm - Simpsons (Fox)
8:30pm - The Cleveland Show (Fox) Until it gets canceled of course (I bet 2 weeks)
9pm - Family Guy (Fox) & Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)
10pm - Brothers & Sisters (me not andrew) (ABC) & Entourage (HBO)


Maggie Cats said...

Oh, I'll have to add Community! It's been getting good reviews and with John Oliver and Joel McHale it can't go THAT wrong.

Phil said...

Burn Notice wasn't bad -- I'm still a huge fan, but otherwise the summar was pretty dismal.

I can't wait for Thursday night comedy. And I need to make sure my wife doesn't find out about NCIS - LA...

That show is just so... cheesy?
Not really sure how to describe how over-the-top it seems.

Whitney said...

NCIS More Over the top than Burn Notice?? You are nuts!

Jenna said...

Most of the summer sucked... but at least we had Project Runway.

I'm excited for Fringe to start again too. Its addicting.

dobber said...

Family guy is one of the most original and creative shows on tv, not to mention easily the funniest. I'll take that over watching washed up celebrities dancing or people taking pictures of models. Will Tyra Banks just go away already?

Nick said...

Hoorah for Dollhouse not being axed.