Monday, March 16, 2009

God save the Kings

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Maggie and I are both TV Talkers - the kind of people who always have an amusing quip to interject while you're trying to watch your show. Annoying to others, but our TV Talking one of the reasons we get along so well. So every once in a while we get together to watch a show and TV Talk online. Below are excerpts from our chat (edited to reflect a more poetic version of reality) while watching last night's series premiere of Kings.

The cast is full of 'hey, it's that guy's...
Sri: oooh, it's starting!
Maggie: so random fact -
that cute blond guy is the dude from Eragon
Sri: well, i'm glad he's making something of himself
Maggie: [the queen] is the poor man's Joan Allen
have you seen Deadwood?
Sri: no
Maggie: prepare to love Ian McShane
he is so freakin' awesome
I even watched Death Race because he was in it
Sri: ha!

Sri: kingdom of glib?
Maggie: gilboa
do you know the deal with this show?
it's a fictional kingdom
Sri: isn't it supposed to be America?
Maggie: i don't think so
it's an alternative reality
apparently, they have a neighboring nation that they are always at war with
Sri: aha

Our intrepid hero...
Maggie: so David = good with cars, dead Dad
also, adorable
Sri: he fixed [the car] with duct tape!
and got an adorable smudge in the meantime
Maggie: he can improvise
he's like McGyver
Sri: clearly David is going to be the innocent everyman, surrounded by the jaded royals and their decadent lifestyle
Maggie: (as David) OMG a piano!
I am so provincial!

Our intrepid anti-hero...
Maggie: ok, prince = douche

The love interest...
Maggie: so the daughter [the princess] must be the love interest
Sri: or that health care crusader chick
Maggie: that is the daughter
Sri: [the King's] giving [David] carte blanche to do ANYTHING
not only money, but power and influence are at his disposal
but then he goes and makes eyes at the princess
Maggie: wow
that was quick
*David and Michelle on the dance floor*
Maggie: everyone is looking at them, right?
Sri: yeah
Maggie: ok, that made me laugh
Sri: me too
well played, kings
well played

The other love interest...
*Reverend Samuels rubs the smudge off David's face*
Maggie: ok WEIRDNESS
hoyay right off the bat
Sri: hot
Maggie: so that's why he wasn't at the dedication [ceremony for the new capitol, Siloh]
he was rubbing some cute white boy's face
*Reverend tweaks David's face into a smile*
Sri: more inappropriate touching!!
Maggie: WTF, rev?
Sri: (as the Reverend)
*bedroom eyes
*walk away

Heavy is the head that wears the butterflies...
Maggie: so [the King] had this vision of butterflies and then united the country during the war of unification
Sri: wtf butterflies?
Maggie: ok, if there was a swarm of butterflies around my head i would kinda freak out
Sri: (as the King) nooooooo!
evil butterflies, don't carry me away!

Conclusions at the end of the first hour...
Maggie: so far, I think it's all set-up
so i have difficulty judging it
establishing relationships between characters, etc
i want to see more potentially evil decision from the King
Sri: it's got a lot of recognizable tropes, but they're combined in a unique way
the premise is strong
Maggie: right
apparently, there is a lot of back-story with the neighboring warring country
Sri: there could be some interesting social commentary, there
Maggie: i like the political intrigue aspect
i am enjoying the show so far
Sri: me, too

Next time, on TV Sluts:
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"Every-damn-body is giving me back sass today!" - King Silas
(not really, but he must have been thinking it)
And then things get ridiculously poetic.
Can you roll just one eye?

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