Tuesday, March 10, 2009

TV thoughts...

Some random musings on the past few day's tv...

Castle: I liked it! I really wanted to love it, because Nathan Fillion, duh, but then I was worried I wouldn't, since it seemed to contain a checklist of stock tv characters (tough as nails yet still vulnerable homicide detective, clever and roguish leading man, worldly teenager, drunk yet hilarious mother), but somehow it all worked. Maybe the chemistry isn't quite there yet between the lead characters, but the mystery was interesting, all the characters were engaging, and yeah. Nathan Fillion, you know? I would watch him in anything, but this show has the added benefit of actually being fun. Is it a Bones and Moonlighting rip-off? Maybe. But who cares? I liked it. It's like drinking soda: tastes good, is sugary and fizzy, but lacking a whole lot of substance. But a person can't survive on a diet of hard-hitting drama alone, right?

Heroes: Ok, I cannot be the only person who was hoping that Matt Parkman would actually get blown-up. It's time for this show to up the stakes and have some consequences for the actions of the characters. Oh, and I need to acknowledge a shout-out for Cristine Rose as Angela Petrilli. That woman kicks some serious ass.

Friday Night Lights: Tyra, nooooooooooo! Do NOT run off with that adorable yet CLEARLY jerky Cash just because you had one bad college interview. Argh! And I love you show, but that final scene with Tim, Jason, and what's her name with the baby all crying was a little schmaltzy, even for me. Despite that little Hallmark moment, I couldn't be more pscyhed that Ausiello is now reporting that there is a chance the show will get a two season pick-up. Come on, NBC!

America's Next Top Model: In the words of Caroline, "Sandra: what a rancid bitch." Seriously, it has been years since we have seen this level of bitchery on the show, but Sandra, despite looking the most like a model of the bunch, is seriously underperforming as a model and overperforming as a bitch. And Allison? She of the scary doll and bug eyes? Her gaze scares the crap out of me. I literally had to cover my face when she would be interviewed because she scared me.

Ugly Betty: OMG! I am in love with Matt. Adorkable, smart, and worth billions. Betty, shut up and take his damn money. Now is not the time for pride. Not when you could be living on the street. Also, I like how the show finally found a good subplot for Ignacio. The Bobby Flay throw-down goof was fun and it's always nice to see Becky Newton have something to play other than vapid, even though she does it so well.

Lost: Sawyer and Juliet? I'll buy it. And she appears to have made him almost bearable. You all know about my Sawyer hate, right? With the insulting of Hurley and the squishing of the frog, Sawyer has never been my favorite person.

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