Saturday, March 14, 2009

Not the Face!

If you've ever seen Fatal Attraction, you know Glenn Close can be scary. Actually, if you've ever seen 101 Dalmations, you know Glenn Close can be scary.

Alright, let's just say it: Glenn Close is badass and she scares me.

So far in Season 2 of Damages, I've been a little disappointed with Glenn's Patty Hewes. Last season you were never sure if she was one of the good guys or the bad guys (I mean, she had someone kill a puppy!), and that is what made her character so delicious. But this season, while Ellen has been on a crusade to bring Patty down, Patty seemed to be missing that old spark to me.

Even though we have confirmation that Patty's subordinate ordered the failed hit on Ellen that is the driving force for Ellen's revenge, it's still not clear is Patty was in on it, and the show hasn't been providing many hints this season as to whether Patty has it in her to be a cold-blooded killer.

Until this week's episode.

See, Patty has an 18 year old son, Michael. Who has apparently taken up with a late 30s, early 40s art gallery owner by the name of Jill. After a lunch meeting between Michael, Patty, and Jill that was full of awkward, Patty went down to Jill's gallery to get in the last word. And boy did she.

First she asks Jill if she is "mentally ill." When Jill laughs off Patty's attempts to insult her, Patty tells her that she'll break Michael's heart, and when she does, "I will rip your face off."

And she meant it. Just look at her!

I laughed. And then I shivered. Because DAMN. With that one line delivery, Patty's back in the game!

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