Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cut or Keep? Reaper

As the DVR backs up and more networks are debuting their mid-season replacement programs, I am beginning to wonder if isn't time to cutback on some of my shows. Up this week on the chopping block: Reaper.

Pros: The number one reason I have hung in with this show is for Ray Wise as the Devil. His Satan is just so darned pleased with himself all the time, and his child-like pleasure in being naughty is infectious. But then he can turn on the scary with just one look. (see picture). Anyway, Ray Wise is the main reason I am still watching Reaper, but I'm not sure it's enough.

The other reason I have stuck around is for Sock. Sam's wise-cracking best friend is comedy gold. He loves his friends but is so delightfully self-absorbed. It shouldn't work, but it does. He's like the naughty puppy who has gotten into the garbage and strewn it everywhere while your away, but when you get home, he's just too cute to stay mad at.

Cons: Um, pretty much everything else? It's not that show isn't bad, but the main character is kinda boring, for a show about hunting demons it's not in the least bit frightening, and the subplots involving the other characters have not gotten me involved at all.

So what do we think? Keep it or cut it?

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