Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Chopping Block Deserves the Axe

Last night, due to a complete lack of new television on the networks I decided to watch NBC’s new cooking show “The Chopping Block.” In general I tolerate reality TV. I am a solid fan of Project Runway and occasionally watch the Real Housewives of Orange County (it’s a problem, I know). However, I adore the cooking shows. I watch Top Chef, Hells Kitchen and have even begun hopelessly following the team from the Ace of Cakes. So I was excited to find another new and fun cooking show on prime time. IT WAS AWFUL!.

The premise really is a mix of the fun and quick moving style of Hell’s Kitchen combined with the cooking expertise of Top Chef. In last night’s episode two teams had to set up and run two restaurants (reminiscent of Top Chef’s Restaurant wars that everyone looks forward to). The problem though is that the players work in “teams.” Each team is a chef and a waiter or front of house person. Basically the show was a bunch of running around and undercooked food.

In an attempt to rip of the unique style of Gordon Ramsay they introduced Chef Marco Pierre White. Who I have never heard of (though that means little because I am an economist not a restaurateur). And at then end he yells, berates and axes a team.
This shows production was awful, the host was awful and the fake drama was awful. 3 Strikes…not so great for NBC. DO NOT WATCH!


dobber said...

I guess there are only a finite number of ways you can do a reality cooking show.

Phil said...

Whew, good to know it's no good. I was worried I'd have to watch another cooking show.