Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Return of My Boys

Two years ago I fell in love with My Boys. It was very close to an obsession for me. When it first aired the writing was witty, the jokes were great and the characters were pretty real.
For those of you not glued to the TBS comedy, it stars Jordana Spiro (who hasn’t done much but this show) who plays PJ, a tomboy who surrounds herself with her 4 male best friends. Each guy is of course quirky and fun. PJs friends include Brandon ( a former disc jockey and extremely hot played), Mike (the oddball), Kenny (the geek you have to love) and Bobby (the handsome millionaire played by Kyle Howard who for those of you who keep up with celebrity gossip dates that girl from the Hills).

The first reason I tuned in was the hotties. But I stayed for the writing/ laughs. I found myself laughing out loud a lot, which is rare for a 30 minute sitcom these days. Oh and Jim Gaffigan! Anyone a fan of Gaffigan’s stand up with LOVE him on My Boys.

Last night the season premier aired. TBS, realizing the amount of ladies and obsessed folks who are tuning into this show, slammed us with three 2 minute commercial breaks, which were difficult to get through, but they made up for it. Two words…mustache contest.

**SPOILER ALERT. For those of you who do watch my boys I was surprised by the uniting of the couple we all were dying to see together in the season premier. As I said to my husband, I doubt they will stay happily together the entire season. But I was filled with warm and fuzzy feelings.

Give My Boys a chance. You can check out new episodes on Tuesdays at 10:30 (odd time) or see the old ones at


Jenna said...

great post whitney, you are amazing! :)

thanks for the heads up that it is back - i missed my boys!

Maggie Cats said...

I watched the first couple episodes, but couldn't get into it. Maybe I should give it a try again, no?