Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sri's Glee Squee-cap: Yay Kurt!

There was a lot going on in tonight's episode of Glee, so I broke it down into categories - New York, Romance, and Story Arc (i.e. actual plot). The best stuff is the Kurt stuff, so let's start there!

New York: It's Kurt's first week at NYADA, and he's finding that college can be a cliquey as high school. Rachel (bitch) has abandoned him to spend time with her new boyfriend, Brody, so he decides to look into extracirriculars to meet some new friends. He's interested in the NYADA show choir, the Adam's Apples, but Rachel (bitch) warns him that it would be "career suicide." OK, suddenly show choir isn't cool enough for you? Enter Adam, the hot British founder of the group, who starts courting Kurt - for the choir, or for more...? AND THEN they sing the Jonathan Coulton version of "Baby Got Back," and I about crawl into my TV to join the group myself. Kurt gathers his courage and asks Adam out, and he says yes! Rachel (bitch) and Brody have a fight and make up or something, blah blah blah who cares. 

On one hand, I would love to see Kurt and Blaine get back together.
On the other hand... this is Adam. RAWR. 

Romance: Tina is crushing on Blaine (yes, you read that right) and suggests the student council put on a Sadie Hawkins dance so she can ask him out. Finn uses the opportunity to have the Glee girls sing for their dates - but Blaine rejects her in front of the entire club. Humiliating for her, but Unique throws some EPIC side-eye, so I'm kind of OK with it. Blaine eventually confesses that he is crushing on Sam, and they bond over wanting someone they'll never have. They go to the dance together in the end, and Tina falls hard. This should serve as a cautionary tale, children - Don't be a Fag Hag. Be an Alternative Lifestyle Enthusiast.  

Did you learn NOTHING from the Mercedes/Kurt fiasco in Season One?

Kitty tries to lure Jake away from Marley with a blatant come-on, and her obvious villany makes me long for the days of Quinn's more subtle sabotoge. Puck intervenes, telling her to back off since Jake is - for once - trying to do the right thing. For all her faults, Kitty does have some killer lines: "I don't like Jake. I'm a mean, hot bitch who likes to get what she wants." So she decides to go to the dance/have sex with Puck instead. They do have a touching moment on the dance floor where she encourages him in his screen writing. Is this going to be an actual thing? 

Story Arc: Sam suspects the Warblers are on steroids - they've gained 10 lbs of muscle and are raging over Splenda in their lattes at Starbucks. The dyanmic duo discover that Trent, the missing "sunshine" of the group, refused the juice and was summarily dismissed. Will Finn and the guys convince him to testify against the Warblers, thus disqualifying them from Regionals and give the New Directions another chance?!? Of course they will. 

Hello, my name is Trent and I'll be your dues ex machina for the evening. 

Other Notes: Not enough Unique, either in the plot lines OR in the musical numbers. It was a SADIE HAWKINS dance, which is supposed to be about reversing gender roles, and you leave your one trans character on the bench? Poor form, Glee, poor form. Also, the return of Lauren Zizes! Please, please come back - and bring the thuggery.


Angel323 said...

I love your review/summary of the Glee episodes! I don't care for Glee much anymore so getting to read your summary means I don't have to pay attention to the plot when I watch I can just listen for the songs. I hate the Rachel storylines too. I wish they'd just kept it in highschool instead of following Rachel to college. I would have missed Kurt though.

Maggie Cats said...

I totally agree with everything you said, especially Rachel abandoning Kurt (bitch) and Unique being side-lined.

I do like that they are doing the straight-girl crushing on gay-guy thing. I know a lot of girls who did that when they were younger (and no, I was not one of them), so I think it will be a good place for the show.

Yay, Glee! This episode didn't suck!