Saturday, January 05, 2013

Merlin Premiere Recap

Three years have past since Arthur defeated his half-sister Morgana and proved he was the rightful King of Camelot. Life in the kingdom has been peaceful, until Gawain and Percival (along with a contingent of knights) disappear on a mission to the North. We find that they have run afoul of Morgana, who has occupied Fortress Ismere and is searching from a mysterious artifact - a key to all knowledge. She puts the knights to work, digging through the caverns beneath the fortress in search of the artifact.

Did I mention they were shirtless? Huzzah for fangirl service! 

Arthur leads the rescue mission, taking Guinevere's suggestion to approach Ismere from the West in order to take Morgana by surprise. On the way they come across some villagers slaughtered by Morgana's troops - including a dying druid seer, who tells Merlin of Arthur's fate to be killed by a familiar-looking young man in the midst of a great battle. Merlin is terrified by this prophecy, and consults with the great dragon Kilgharrah to see how he can advert it - but Kilgharrah is not able to tell Merlin what he must do.

K: "Need me to destroy your enemies by breathing on them?" 
M: "Nah, I'll stick with the whole 'running for my life' thing I got going." 

However! It seems that Guinevere's maid is a traitor - she spills the plan to her father, Ruadan, a sorcerer who is in league with Morgana. Arthur's troops are ambushed and Ruadan knocks Arthur out cold. Merlin, fearing for Arthur's life ever since he heart the prophecy, drags Arthur away and the rest of the knights are captured. Meanwhile, in the caverns beneath Fortress Ismere, Gawain follows a mysterious light and meets with a strange magical creature - could it have something to do with the artifact Morgana seeks? Back in Camelot, Guinevere discovers her maid's betrayal and sentences her to death.

DAMN. Queenie don't play. 

Merlin tries to get Arthur to head back to Camelot, but he won't abandon his men. Neither will Merlin abandon Arthur - and so, in the end, they are both captured by Morgana's troops. And who should be with them but Arthur's bane, who identifies himself as Mordred. Dun dun DUNNN!

Some huddling for warmth may have happened. But what happens in the forest STAYS in the forest. 


Maggie Cats said...

I thought this was a solid start to the last season...but that glowy alien-looking creature was RIDICULOUS. I mean COME ON.

Monkey Sri said...

OMG, yes, that was PREPOSTEROUS.