Tuesday, January 15, 2013

And the winner is....The Golden Globes.



An awards show worth watching. Hosts that were funny, winners that were surprising, and for the most part, speeches that didn't have me instantly reaching for the fast forward button.

Can we just get Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to host every award show from now until forever? Not only were they laugh out loud funny, but the jokes were fresh, and hit juuuuust the right note of poking fun at Hollywood and all their ridiculousness and not crossing the line into mean (hello, Ricky Gervais).

Best line of the night: "When it comes to torture, I trust the lady who spent three years married to James Cameron." SICK BURN, YO.

Even the presenters seemed better. I know a lot of people have a low Will Ferrell threshold, but I thought he and Kristen Wiig were really funny and clever. It's kind of interesting to see the people who are real stars and are utterly comfortable up on stage (e.g. George Clooney) and those who have the personality of a stump. Kind of lets you know who is a real star with talent and who is just lucky to have been born pretty.

Alrighty, per usual, we are going to hit it bullet point style. Because as I am writing this it is before 7 in the morning and I cannot be expected to form coherent thoughts that early.

--Jennifer Laurence continues to be one of my favorite people. EVER. She is ranked right up there with Joss Whedon as a person I think would be my best friend if only they knew me. Her speech (with references to beating Meryl Streep and Harvey Weinstein killing people to get her the award) was classic. And clearly off the cuff, but gracious, funny, and clever all at the same time.

--Anne Hathaway = not as annoying as I expected. I was afraid her speech would be full of "I can't believe I won!" style fakery, but she actually seemed genuinely grateful...if not surprised. And let's be honest, she won me over with her Princess Diaries shout-out.

--Lots of love for Game Change (the movie about Sarah Palin penned by Jonathan from Buffy) which meh. I saw the movie and while it was good...I just didn't get how it won so many categories.

--On a related note, is Showtime the new HBO? Because Homeland and that other show with Kristin Bell both did pretty well.

--I understand why Jennifer Garner and Anne Hathaway decided to thank other people when they had a chance at the microphone...but it still seemed tacky. You get your time, you make your speech, and you don't hijack other parts of the program to thank your agent, ANNE HATHAWAY. Tsk tsk.

--Some people have described Jodi Foster's speech as rambling, overlong, and strange...but you know what? I loved it. Sure it went off script there in the middle, but the emotion behind it was real and I have always thought she was a really fascinating woman. I had a bigger problem with the network cutting the audio when she started talking about how she had come out years ago (really, NBC??), and going on about how she loves Mel Gibson. I try not to be judgemental,* but it's hard to forget his bizarre behavior from a few years ago. Also, she looked amazing which is what really matters.

--Sacha Baron Cohen: I have never understood how people find him funny. He had the one good line about Russell Crowe's singing, but other than that whatevs. I just. don't. get. it.

--Argo! Pretty much the only best drama nominee that I actually saw so I don't really have anything to compare it to other than Lincoln, but I thought it was great. Was it the best movie of the year? Eh, I don't think so. But it's nice to see the underdogs take the prize. And yay for Ben Affleck! If that was anything but a big fuck you to the Academy I will eat my hat.

--I think one of the reasons the Globes seem to move around at such a good clip is because they do not give awards in technical categories. Is it wrong of me to just care about the acting and director/movie categories? Probably, since the technical folks are the ones doing the "real" work and this is pretty much their one chance to shine. But you have to admit that the portion of the Oscars where we get into the more technical stuff is when you take a bathroom break. 

--Can we just talk for a moment about how amazing Tina and Amy looked? Both of them have had issues with nailing red carpet style in the past, but I thought they were just flawless. And I appreciated the Hunger Games jokes about fitting into their dresses--and I got the distinct impression they were not actually joking.

All in all, it was probably the best awards show I've ever seen, and that's saying something. Here's hoping for a Fey/Poehler reunion next January!

Oh, and as for best dressed? I am going to have to go with Lucy Liu.

I know a lot of people see floral and automatically scream "drapes and couch!" but for me this was the dress of the night. The silhouette was stunning, it fit her to a tee, and the pattern and color were different enough that it stuck out in a sea of blush gowns. Sure, there may have been more classically beautiful dresses, but when I think of the the Golden Globes red carpet, this is the ONE gown that sticks out in my mind and I will always remember. So Liu gets the prize from me!

*HAHAHAHAHA. Wow, that was a nice trip down imaginary world lane, wasn't it?

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