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Merlin Recap Season 7 Episode 2

We rejoin the story with Morgana having another vision - of herself in chains, imprisoned with her pet white dragon at the bottom of a well. Kinky. Merlin and Arthur are still in the clutches of Mordred and Morgana's minions. Strangely enough, Mordred seems to be showing them mercy. This makes Merlin question if he really is Arthur's Bane, after all.

Meanwhile, deep in the caverns beneath Castle Ismere, the creepy alien thingy watches Gwaine sleep. It tells him that he is worthy of its help, and that its kind used to be revered by humans. Now, they have been hunted to near extinction - the creature claims to be the last of the species. 

Back in Camelot, the traitor Sefa begs Queen Guinevere for forgiveness and a reprieve from the gallows. REQUEST DENIED. As Sefa is dragged sobbing from the room Gaius is like, "damn that's some stone-cold shit." And Guinevere is like, "relax, son, I got this." Apparently she's using Sefa as bait to lure out her father, the treacherous sorcerer Ruadan. Amazeballs. 

Bitch has it coming.
Arthur and Merlin escape, naturally, and make a break for it. Arthur has a chance to kill Mordred with a crossbow - and doesn't take the shot. *eye roll* They head towards Ismere, crawling into the castle through the... trash chute? Do castles have trash chutes? Anyway, they manage to evade Morgana's Saxon henchmen and sneak into the caves to rally the knights. They arm Percival, who immediately starts kicking Saxon ass and taking Saxon swords. Shirtless. Awwww yesssss. Arthur and Merlin go deeper into the caverns to find Gwaine. 

Shockingly, Ruadan sneaks back in to Camelot to save his daughter - Queenie's gamble paid off! Elyan wounds Ruadan, but they escape with the help of magic. He uses the last of his strength to send a note off via crow - to Morgana (obviously). Aaaaand I'm sure now Camelot has another enemy in Sefa, who manages to slip away before the knights find her. Morgana knows Arthur didn't return to Camelot and is still making his way towards her.

Gaius and Guinevere loot Ruadan's corpse - and find a druid prayer for "victory over the enemy of the old religion." Druids think of Arthur as another Uther, and believe he will die by a druid's hand. Perhaps Ruadan thought he was that man - whoops.

When Morgana sees Mordred, she looks like she's surprised to see him. He tells her that they had Arthur, but he got away, and she has a completely rationale response. "I WANT HIS HEAD ON A PIKE, TO WATCH THE CROWS FEAST ON HIS EYES!" Mordred is like, "uh, you... you've got a little bit of froth on your lip, milady - just there." And then the warning bells ring, probably because Percival is beheading Saxons left and right and using their skulls for bongo drums. 

Arthur and Merlin find Gwaine, who says goodbye to his little alien friend. And then - WHITE DRAGON ATTACK! Merlin peels off to deal with the dragon, and Arthur follows. Is Arthur going to find out that Merlin is a dragon lord??? Of course not. But we find out that the poor thing can't speak. 

While he's looking for Merlin, Arthur runs into Morgana and Mordred! Just when Morgana has the dynamic duo at her mercy, Mordred stabs her in the back - literally. WHAAAA? Then he takes Arthur (only) back to his men. Double WHAAAA?

The alien thingy heals Merlin, recognizing him as Emrys, and we find out that it is the key to all knowledge, the Diamair (duh). Merlin asks it one question - who is Arthur's Bane? The alien answers, "himself." Apparently he is the key to all existential angst, too. 

Final scenes: Arthur knights Mordred, continuing to demonstrate that he is a stunningly bad judge of character. Merlin gives him the old, "I'm watching you..." spiel. Later he confides in Gaius, "Albion's great trial has begun."

This will only end in tears.
And in the wastelands to the north, Morgana stumbles out into the snow accompanied by her pet dragon. Seriously, people, have you never heard of the double tap? Next time, MAKE SURE SHE'S DEAD. 

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Maggie Cats said...

Great recap!

This season is definitely my favorite so far, lots of good stuff especially with Gwen being badass and us getting more character stuff from the knights (no longer just random knight #3 or whatever).

But two things need to happen ASAP. ARTHUR NEEDS TO KNOW MERLIN HAS MAGIC. The whole "Merlin pretends to be a fuckup" thing has gotten seriously stale.

Also Morgana needs to die for real. Nine lives, that one.