Thursday, October 28, 2010

It might take more than a rally to restore my sanity.

Have you been living under a rock? If so, then you are probably one of 3 people in the country who have not heard about The Daily Show's upcoming Rally to Restore Sanity taking place this Saturday on the National Mall.*

Wait, you haven't been living under a rock? Good for you! That means you are well aware that Jon Stewart, the whole cast of The Daily Show, and even Stephen Colbert and his peeps are descending on DC tomorrow to restore our nation's sanity and keep fear alive. Probably more of the former rather than the latter though. The media has been all over this, seeing how it seems to attract everyone's favorite age group (the elusive 18-49 year old demographic), and the nation's hippest politic satirists. Plus, this is kind of the coolest thing to happen in DC in a long time.

If you're planning to attend the rally (along with you friendly neighborhood tv sluts), you can find the break-downs of dos and don'ts and the rally's website here. You can also upload a picture of the sign you intend to carry and take a gander at all the photos people have put on the site. AND you can print out your official rally badge. Fun, right?

If you don't really give a crap about the reality of the rally and just want to see some good old fashioned satire, check out the Washington City Paper's memo on employees attending the rally. Apparently, to be non-participatory you have to chuckle at ALL the jokes, even if you don't really find them funny. No outright laughing...just chuckling. Except for jokes about terrorists...those are fair game.

Lisa de Moraes over at the Washington Post has also clued us in on the proposed schedule for the event, based on the National Park permit obtained by the show. The website may say noon, but don't be fooled! Things aren't really going to kick off until 1:00. Until then, we'll have to sit through the pre pre pre show. No skin off my back, I'll have homemade mac and cheese courtesy of my pal, Chris, to keep me busy. The article also includes information on watching the rally from home for all you lazy people out there.

Finally, USA Today wants to know, does any of this really matter? Do people think the rally is going to actually change anything or even spark any real political discussion? To which I say, yes. Sure, a lot of people are showing up to see some celebrities and have a few laughs, but I think they are going to be surprised by how serious a lot of people are about using this forum to have a frank discussion about our current political situation. Sure, Jon Stewart can do funny, but he can also do real, and I think we are going to get some serious discourse going here. In between all the terrorist jokes, of course.

See you all on Saturday!

* Btw, the other people who have not heard of the rally are a housewife in Kansas whose husband doesn't allow her any access to the media since it might "put ideas in her head," and a 20 something white male serial killer who drives America's lonely highways 24/7 trolling for foolish young women who hitchhike. His XM radio is broken.

Oh, yeah? Well your idea about how to end the economic crisis is STUPID.

Ah, elections. What should be a forum for the exchange of differing ideas of how to best improve our country and localities through mature political discourse has clearly devolved into petty feuds and people SHOUTING at one another because they are RIGHT and you are WRONG (can you tell I'm a little bitter?). Our guest-blogger, Pete, whom you might remember from his past posts sent from Switzerland, weighs in on the current state of political ads. Also, Happy Birthday, Pete!

It's that time of year again. The weather jumps back and forth between summer and fall (in Virginia at least); the world series is about to begin. And I can't watch 20 minutes of tv without seeing a stupid political campaign ad. The ads have even invaded Hulu! Now I don't mean to start a discussion about partisan politics (the congressional race here isn't even close), rather I want to vent about the dreadful tv spots. For instance check out this gem (note the sarcasm):

This ad clearly states that Tom Perriello supports "Threatening Hospitals & Seniors" and "Over 50,000 Jobs Lost". Gimme a break. They really should be focusing on this guy's lack of a neck.

Seriously where is it? And it's not like the other campaign is any better. Watch this ad where they literally make fun of the other candidates name at the 0:27 mark.

C'mon who does that? Are these "men" running for federal office or 4th grade class treasurer? I just can't wait for this nonsense to end.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rocky Horror Glee Show

Last night Fox aired the Glee Version of the Rocky Horror Picture show. For those not in my family, and therefore have not grown up with the RHPS, its a musical which gained popularity in the 80s. Most famous for the thousands of live performances around the country, the RHPS introduced us to a young Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick, Tim Curry (though he still denies it) and Meatloaf! The musical movie really has a nonsensical plot and focuses more on sex and whimsy. So needless to say, I was stoked when I heard Glee would be doing an all Rocky episode for Halloween.

Let's begin with the good. The musical numbers and the costumes were some of the best of the season. Each musical rendition was true to the musical (despite ridiculous word changes I will address later) and left me dancing or singing along. For me this is the sign of a true good glee episode. The costumes were both true to Rocky, appropriate for high school and made me giddy (Sam in those skimpy gold shorts made the night for me). It was also nice to have a non Rachel based episode. In fact, I was shocked at how little she sang in this episode.

My favorite number, hands down, was "Toucha Toucha." I liked how it fit the show plot AND was an homage to the brilliant Susan Sarandon performance. The number done by the Emma character is about a woman letting out her sexual desires. Plot meshing well!. I also loved the sub-element of Britney and Santana watching (just like Magenta and Colombia in Rocky). The end of the number was a mash up of all the other characters like the movie too. I thought it was the perfect Glee plot/ Rocky honoring balance.

Now for the not so great. I am a Rocky fan! Ive seen it live SEVERAL times and even support GW's FPP performances (shout out to GW student theatre!). Therefore, I was able to keep up. Though I am curious if non Rocky fans had any idea what was happening. The plot for the movie was never really explained and there were several insight jokes. For instance, the toast throwing reference Sue Sylvester made probably went right over the average persons head. Additionally, I thoroughly enjoyed the Barry Bostwick and Meatloaf cameos, but how many non rocky fans knew they were even in the regular flick, making their presence kinda silly. Please non rocky fans comment on if you were able to follow what was even happening in the show.

Now plot...**Spoiler Alert**. Oh wait nevermind, I couldn't even tell you the plot of this episode. Its like they have truly given up on plot. Let's see...there was Finn's ab insecurities, Mr Sch putting on what truly is an inappropriate play just to get with Emma, and sue exploiting that for an Emmy. None of these make a solid show or plot point. I am disappointed. In fact, at what high school would random adults and teachers just enter production. I did theatre all through hs and college and that never ever came close to happening. Also speaking of reality, after the amount of money they put into costumes and sets, how could the not put on the show...Bellaire High School would have put on the show just because of the expense the program already endured.

My final complaint is on LINE CHANGES! Uggh. Look there were some made complete sense, FCC and all. In toucha toucha they changed "heavy petting" to "heavy sweating" and "seat wetting" to the "deep fretting." As much as I loathed the latter change they made perfect sense. But the one that PISSED me off and had me yelling at the tv was the removal of the word transexual from "Sweet Transvestite?" Early in the show several people referred to tranys. And what is wrong with the word transexual?

That is it for your friendly glee hating reviewer....Comments are always welcome

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Boo! And not in the fun Halloween sense.

I just popped over to Entertainment Weekly while taking a little break from work, and DAMMIT. ABC went and canceled The Whole Truth. I know it wasn't doing stellar in the ratings, but it was actually one of my favorite new shows from this season. Monkey Sri mentioned it in her post about ABC's Wednesday night line-up and I wrote about my love for the show in the comments, so I am kind of upset.

The thing that the show did really well, that a lot of other legal dramas don't seem overly concerned with, is showing the why of how certain evidence ends up before a jury in a trial and other evidence is excluded. For a show called The Whole Truth, it's not really concerned with the truth: only showing how advocates on both sides build and present their case and what version of the truth appears before a jury. It's only in the very last seconds of the show that the "whole truth" is revealed...and that's what made the show so interesting!

So poop on your, ABC. You can mitigate the damage somewhat by choosing to air the remaining 13 episodes.

But wait! Glee is releasing a Christmas album on November 16, and having a Christmas themed episode on December 7! Ok, now I am somewhat cheered.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mr. Holmes, I presume?

I was reticent. Oh, yes, I was reticent.

First, I heard that Steven Moffat was writing a new Sherlock Holmes for BBC and I was stoked. But then I watched the disappointing new season of Doctor Who. And then I heard that not only was it a new Sherlock Holmes, but it was a modern update of Sherlock Holmes. And since half my enjoyment from Sherlock Holmes comes from the Victorian setting...cue reticence.

But I shouldn't have worried. Because the new Sherlock? Is awesome. Quick plot, quick dialogue, quick establishment of characters...but somehow it all comes together in a rich, dense, warm show. It's the chocolate tort of television. Deceptively simple and immensely satisfying.

Also, adorable! Because Dr. Watson is played by Martin Freeman (The Office UK, Hitchhiker's Guide, and future hobbit) and Sherlock is played by some weird looking dude I've never heard of who still comes off as attractive. Also, Sherlock hasn't lost any of his...shall we say eccentricities. But now he's addicted to texting, has a website, and uses a smart phone. Of course, he's probably one of the only people who is actually smarter than his smart phone. Oh, and he still plays the violin, although we don't get to see it in the first episode. *grumble*

My only complaint, and it's not even really a complaint: the music of the series is very very similar to the music used in the Robert Downey Jr. movie. I liked the music in both circumstances, but it just seemed kind of distracting and almost like pandering to have the soundtracks be so close. Maybe just a coincidence or I'm crazy? Could be.

As for the mystery in the first episode, it was twisty enough to be not obvious, but I followed all the clues, and didn't figure out the killer until the appropriate time. You don't want your audience to feel stupid, but you also don't want them outsmarting your main genius detective. The show does a great job of sometimes letting us follow along with Sherlock's thinking, while other times we have to wait with Dr. Watson for the answers. I might have known who the killer was at the same time as Sherlock, but there were still enough surprises left to be uncovered to keep me interested. And unlike some other BBC shows, I wasn't completely lost in a too-dense plot.

Sherlock Holmes: he's a high-functioning sociopath, not a psychopath. Do your research. And watch the show. Because it's really really great.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's not you, it's me.

Well, we had a good run, Chuck. But after three years (has it really been that long?) it's time for us to go our separate ways. But please believe, it's not you, it's me.

I know that's a break-up cliche, but it's really true. You're just as adorable as you always were...and maybe that's the problem. At some point there should be character growth, right? It's not like they haven't tried: they gave you kung-fu powers, reunited you with your Dad, got you and Sarah together, even blew up the Buy More. But for some reason, it just seems like we are standing still. And as promising as this season's premiere was, especially with the addition of Linda Hamilton to the cast, I just don't think I can carry on. Watching you has become a chore, something that I have to do, and that's no way to have a relationship.

I think part of the problem is that you insist on keeping things from your family. When Captain Awesome found out about your spy status and got involved in the action, those were my favorite episodes. But still, Ellie can't be told this and can't be told that and so we still have those "hilarious" mishaps and communication problems where everyone is keeping something from someone else and....I just can't do it anymore. I'm sorry.

And while I will miss you and your poofy hair, Chuck, I think I will really miss Adam Baldwin most of all. But since the man doesn't appear to age (seriously, someone should check his walls for a Dorian Gray-style portrait) I can always cling to my Firefly DVDs when I need a Baldwin fix.

This doesn't mean it's the end for us, though. I'm willing to bet the show will get syndicated soon so we'll always have our reruns. And since you guys are one of the funniest casts ever, you better believe I'll be seeing you at Comic Con next year. After all, how can I miss another Jefster performance?

So hang in there, Chuck. Eat some ice cream and cookie dough, and hey, things are already looking up! Over at, they are reporting that your back 9 pick-up is coming soon. So yay! But you're going to have to just carry on without me.

Stop crying, dude. Seriously, it's pathetic.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Does She Come With the Dream House Playset?

The good people from the late Dollhouse have come back together (if only briefly) to give us a bit more from that world. Sorta. Cast and crew recently filmed a video for the song “Remains,”which fans of the show will remember as the song used in the final scenes of the first season finale episode, “Epitaph One.”

While clearly not an exact slice of the Dollhouse universe, despite the presence of a few alums, the video is pretty in keeping with the themes of the show. Where Dollhouse was always metaphorically about disposable people, this video just takes the metaphor and makes it literal.


There are two glaring conclusions that we can draw from this semi-addition to the Whedonverse: first, even in an alternate version of Los Angeles, Topher is still a dick. Second, Holy Great Muppity Odin is Maurissa Tancharoen ever tiny! She literally fits in a box!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I didn't hate Glee this week!

Yay! I know we all look forward to my ranting and loathing of glee. But this week I was incredibly satisfied by both the plot and the songs of this week's episode of glee.

For those who have not seen it...**Spoiler alert** Don't get me wrong, there was still some of the same choppy plot development I have been complaining about. For instance Britney and Santana hooking up (girl on girl action for the few straight male viewers) was kinda random and the Britney/Arnie bit was surprising. Though I did enjoy the interaction between them. It was shockingly honest, especially when talking about sex. It was the first episode this season where I felt there was actual character development.

The highlight for me HANDS DOWN was the Mike Chang duet! Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) and her new boyfriend Mike (Harry Shum, Jr.) performed, as a duet as the title of the episode instructs, Sing! from Chorus Line. The duet was perfection because they highlighted a previously untapped resource in Harry. Normally seen as the behind the scenes dancer, it was nice to see Harry highlighted last night. For those of you not familiar song, its all about a guy who can't sing. I also did enjoyed the Rachel/Finn "Don't go breaking my heart" rendition, and it is still stuck in my head.

Additionally, I don't hate the new kid. Chord Overstreet (worst name ever) plays our new Gleer and romatic interest for Quinn is a decent actor and great singer/performer. I completely don't hate his addition to the cast. And as a complete side note, I think he would make a great Peeta (for those of you who get that feel free to comment).

I am EXTREMELY pumped for the Rocky Horror episode in two weeks! Are you pumped too!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Empire Strikes Back

Sunday was the third episode of HBO's new series Boardwalk Empire. For those die hard HBO fans, this show has taken True Bloods Sunday night slot. I waited until the third episode to review it because I was wanted to make sure I got far enough in to give an objective perspective. So far, its good. I am not going to lie I set the season pass to continue to record, but I am lacking that desire to run home and watch it.

For those of you who haven't seen the 1000 commercials on HBO Boardwalk Empire centers on Atlantic City in the prohibition era. If you have been missing the Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire is a good alternative. It centers on AC's town Treasurer, Nucky Thompson (played by Steve Buscemi) foray into the underground alcohol ring. It follows several of the gangsters in his crew as well as his family that makes up the town's sheriff and muncipal offices.

For me, the highlight of the show is the return of Michael Pitt to television. According to IMDB Pitt has been working on various projects here and there, but die-hard Dawson's Creek fans will remember him as Henry Jen's boyfriend. On the Boardwalk he plays, young Jimmy Darmody who has returned from war a rough and changed man with great asperations. So far he has teamed up with the infamous Al Capone to make some dough smuggling booze. Geez this show has me writing like a gangsta!

As a whole I am enjoying the show. Much like the appeal of Mad Men, Boardwalk is a great display of a show that is essentially a period piece. I am enjoying getting a glimpse of AC in the era. It is interesting the detail they have gone to to make you feel like you are in the roaring 20s.

The plot can be a little dry and show can drag at times, but I am pot committed. My main criticism is that perhaps is Buscemi is too old for the part. He has not aged well.

Check it out on Sunday Nights!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Bits and Pieces

I don't have a big themed post for y'all today, but some scattered tv-related items that have been on my mind lately. Hey, you can't blame me, I'm going on vacation (again) in about 8 hours. So you'll take what I give you and be happy about it!

--Wonder Woman is coming back to television with show-runner David E. Kelley (Ally McBeal, The Practice, Boston Legal). Let me guess. She'll be a wacky attorney working with other eacky and morally ambiguous attorneys. But instead of super short skirts, it'll be super short shorts! I love Wonder Woman as much as the next girl-power enthusiast, but I still can't help but think what could have been if Joss Whedon had ever gotten his movie version made. Le sigh.

--Dammit, Glee! This is the way it's supposed to work: you present a fun hour of one-liners, catchy musical numbers, and messy plots and I laugh, have fun, and get to come read Whitney's rants about the show the next day. You are NOT supposed to give Kurt's Dad a heart attack (a storyline which hit way to close to home for me) and make me cry 3 times during one show. You are not playing fair. Also, Chris Colfer was amazing in last night's Grilled Cheesus episode. But can we have a lighter entry next week, perhaps? I don't need to be bawling at 8:30 at night on a Tuesday.

--And another one bites the dust. ABC Family has cancelled Huge, it's drama about a bunch of teenagers at a weight-loss camp. I haven't actually seen the show, but I adore it's star Nikki Blonsky. This comes on the heels of cancellations for Lone Star and My Generation. I hadn't seen My Generation either, but really enjoyed Lone Star even if the pilot was a bit slow-moving. And the concept (a con man who decides to try living on the straight and narrow...while still juggling two families) seemed to me better suited for a movie rather than a tv series. Have a guess as to what show will be next to get the axe? Stay updated over at TV Series Finale for the latest. Mo Ryan over at TV Squad also has some interesting thoughts for what the cancellation of Lone Star means for network television.

--I've got Halloween on the brain, even though it's still 26 days away. But it's never too early to get into the holiday spirit, right? Especially when said holiday revolves entirely around scaring the bejesus out of people and stuffing your face with candy. Epic Win! To get yourself in the mood, check out these lists of the best Halloween themed television episodes. Personally, I think TWOP pretty much nails it.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Hit Britney One More Time

Im back, the Glee loathing critic of yore (yes, I wrote yore). One might ask at this point, Whitney why ever are you still watching Glee if you loath it so much. To be honest, I am holding out hope that Glee will go back to being the glee I fell in love with months ago. The Glee that introduces us to new music and helps us fall in love again with music we once loved. Additionally, the first mini season of Glee did have some fun and addictive plot.

Ok, on to my article on this week's Glee. As we all know, it was the SPECTACULAR, LIFE-ALTERING Britney episode. This episode personfied exactly what I have been talking about for months. Instead of fitting songs into a steady plot, the producers of glee are trying to force songs into a choppy and practically nonexistent plot. This episode not only lacked a cohesive plot but the song numbers were completely un creative. Each of the Britney numbers were done as "dream sequences" that were direct duplicated of britney spears performances. I will admit they looked great for the duplicates that they were.

I will admit I was shocked at what an excellent performance Heather Morris who plays Britney S. Pierce. Her singing wasn't bad but her dancing really was spectacular. Though some scenes may have been stunt doubles, her general performances were good (especially for a practically under used character).

Overall the show stunk. If you are a Britney fan, you may have enjoyed the music. But the plot was stupid both the Rachel Finn plot and the Mr Shu mid life crisis. The Spears cameos were awful. Poor girl couldn't act her way out of a paper back.

The final groupd number of the show wasn't bad. It was a more traditional glee style performance (despite an awkward teacher presence). I thought it wasn't bad and is below for your viewing pleasure.

As a complete side note, Lea Michelle this is a cry out for you. Eat girl! Do not turn into one of those awful stick figure starlets. I am depressed on how she has let the pressures of hollywood get to her.

Friday, October 01, 2010

This Just In! News-y Update!

This timely post is brought to you by our guest blogger, Jason.


In an attempt to actually write something relevant instead of just retrospective, your TV Blog contributors have just learned of potentially amazing news that we feel compelled to share with the world. Michael Ausiello is reporting that NBC is rebooting classic 1960s comedy show The Munsters.

The original cast, including Betty Draper. 'Cause you know…scary.

While we're only lukewarm on reboot attempts (I'm looking at you, V), this has the potential for being awesome for one reason: the show is being written and produced by Bryan Fuller, he of the Pushing Daisies fame.

For those who didn't have Nick at Nite as a kid, The Munsters was a sit-com about your average, hard-working middle class family. Who are dead. Well, kind of. The main characters were all monster movie mainstays who somehow got together, formed a family and had to live together. So it's like what would happen if the cast of True Blood went on a reality show.

So to recap, Bryan Fuller writing a show about monsters and fiends living together that is not-so-subtly subverting the nuclear family trope of most sitcoms? Oh, I am so going to watch the HELL out of that show. (See what I did there?)