Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Bits and Pieces

I don't have a big themed post for y'all today, but some scattered tv-related items that have been on my mind lately. Hey, you can't blame me, I'm going on vacation (again) in about 8 hours. So you'll take what I give you and be happy about it!

--Wonder Woman is coming back to television with show-runner David E. Kelley (Ally McBeal, The Practice, Boston Legal). Let me guess. She'll be a wacky attorney working with other eacky and morally ambiguous attorneys. But instead of super short skirts, it'll be super short shorts! I love Wonder Woman as much as the next girl-power enthusiast, but I still can't help but think what could have been if Joss Whedon had ever gotten his movie version made. Le sigh.

--Dammit, Glee! This is the way it's supposed to work: you present a fun hour of one-liners, catchy musical numbers, and messy plots and I laugh, have fun, and get to come read Whitney's rants about the show the next day. You are NOT supposed to give Kurt's Dad a heart attack (a storyline which hit way to close to home for me) and make me cry 3 times during one show. You are not playing fair. Also, Chris Colfer was amazing in last night's Grilled Cheesus episode. But can we have a lighter entry next week, perhaps? I don't need to be bawling at 8:30 at night on a Tuesday.

--And another one bites the dust. ABC Family has cancelled Huge, it's drama about a bunch of teenagers at a weight-loss camp. I haven't actually seen the show, but I adore it's star Nikki Blonsky. This comes on the heels of cancellations for Lone Star and My Generation. I hadn't seen My Generation either, but really enjoyed Lone Star even if the pilot was a bit slow-moving. And the concept (a con man who decides to try living on the straight and narrow...while still juggling two families) seemed to me better suited for a movie rather than a tv series. Have a guess as to what show will be next to get the axe? Stay updated over at TV Series Finale for the latest. Mo Ryan over at TV Squad also has some interesting thoughts for what the cancellation of Lone Star means for network television.

--I've got Halloween on the brain, even though it's still 26 days away. But it's never too early to get into the holiday spirit, right? Especially when said holiday revolves entirely around scaring the bejesus out of people and stuffing your face with candy. Epic Win! To get yourself in the mood, check out these lists of the best Halloween themed television episodes. Personally, I think TWOP pretty much nails it.


Monkey Sri said...

I totally agree Re: Glee. Basically sobbed the entire time (you know me).

Maggie Cats said...

Here are the three places I cried: first time Kurt was at the hospital, the last time Kurt was at the hospital and I BAWLED like a baby during the "I want to hold you hand" sequence. Especially when I saw that little Kurt had made all those petit fours. GOD.

Also, I told the show I was breaking up with it if Dad didn't wake up. So good thing it listened to me!

Jennifer said...

Oh god. Yes. Glee is supposed to be glee-fully catchy music. Not rip-your-heart-out music montage of a little boy without a mommy trying to find his place. SOOO sad.