Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rocky Horror Glee Show

Last night Fox aired the Glee Version of the Rocky Horror Picture show. For those not in my family, and therefore have not grown up with the RHPS, its a musical which gained popularity in the 80s. Most famous for the thousands of live performances around the country, the RHPS introduced us to a young Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick, Tim Curry (though he still denies it) and Meatloaf! The musical movie really has a nonsensical plot and focuses more on sex and whimsy. So needless to say, I was stoked when I heard Glee would be doing an all Rocky episode for Halloween.

Let's begin with the good. The musical numbers and the costumes were some of the best of the season. Each musical rendition was true to the musical (despite ridiculous word changes I will address later) and left me dancing or singing along. For me this is the sign of a true good glee episode. The costumes were both true to Rocky, appropriate for high school and made me giddy (Sam in those skimpy gold shorts made the night for me). It was also nice to have a non Rachel based episode. In fact, I was shocked at how little she sang in this episode.

My favorite number, hands down, was "Toucha Toucha." I liked how it fit the show plot AND was an homage to the brilliant Susan Sarandon performance. The number done by the Emma character is about a woman letting out her sexual desires. Plot meshing well!. I also loved the sub-element of Britney and Santana watching (just like Magenta and Colombia in Rocky). The end of the number was a mash up of all the other characters like the movie too. I thought it was the perfect Glee plot/ Rocky honoring balance.

Now for the not so great. I am a Rocky fan! Ive seen it live SEVERAL times and even support GW's FPP performances (shout out to GW student theatre!). Therefore, I was able to keep up. Though I am curious if non Rocky fans had any idea what was happening. The plot for the movie was never really explained and there were several insight jokes. For instance, the toast throwing reference Sue Sylvester made probably went right over the average persons head. Additionally, I thoroughly enjoyed the Barry Bostwick and Meatloaf cameos, but how many non rocky fans knew they were even in the regular flick, making their presence kinda silly. Please non rocky fans comment on if you were able to follow what was even happening in the show.

Now plot...**Spoiler Alert**. Oh wait nevermind, I couldn't even tell you the plot of this episode. Its like they have truly given up on plot. Let's see...there was Finn's ab insecurities, Mr Sch putting on what truly is an inappropriate play just to get with Emma, and sue exploiting that for an Emmy. None of these make a solid show or plot point. I am disappointed. In fact, at what high school would random adults and teachers just enter production. I did theatre all through hs and college and that never ever came close to happening. Also speaking of reality, after the amount of money they put into costumes and sets, how could the not put on the show...Bellaire High School would have put on the show just because of the expense the program already endured.

My final complaint is on LINE CHANGES! Uggh. Look there were some made complete sense, FCC and all. In toucha toucha they changed "heavy petting" to "heavy sweating" and "seat wetting" to the "deep fretting." As much as I loathed the latter change they made perfect sense. But the one that PISSED me off and had me yelling at the tv was the removal of the word transexual from "Sweet Transvestite?" Early in the show several people referred to tranys. And what is wrong with the word transexual?

That is it for your friendly glee hating reviewer....Comments are always welcome


Anonymous said...

I've never seen RHPS from start to finish, so I didn't get all the jokes. Overall I enjoyed the show even though I didn't recognize all the songs they did. It really makes me want to watch the movie! I liked that Mercedes played Rocky. I think that my favorite part was when she asked for the lead role and got it.

Maggie Cats said...

I thought the plot was a little weak too, although the overall point of the episode was, I think, summed up by the Sue's Corner at the end. My jaw literally dropped, since she made a well-reasoned and logical argument. Wow.

Also, Becky! Give her chocolate or she'll cut you. Thata girl.